Glamming it up Jerusalem style

One thing I love about going out in Jerusalem, is that bars and restaurants are located in little pockets of the city, so it is very easy to hop from one place to another within the same night.  Often on a Thursday or Saturday night, I will go to eat first with friends, then go to someone’s party in one place, before moving onto another place.  There are many chilled out bars and pubs that are great if you just want to grab a beer, hear some music and catch up with friends.

But sometimes, it would be nice to have a bit more and on those nights when the girls get together, with no specific plan in place, just to get dressed up, hit the town and see where the night takes us – there is one place where we always end up –Mirror Bar.

Located in the Mamilla Hotel , Jerusalem’s newest hotel which opened in Fall 2009,Mirror Bar offers Jersualemites and tourists alike, something no other bar really achieves – class.  As soon as you step into the bar, you feel like you could be in any major city in the world.  The design is über cool, the staff are suitably beautiful and aloof and the drinks are slightly more expensive than anywhere else, but the customers just don’t care.  The bar seems to cater for a variety of clientèle – on any one night you can find groups of local Israelis, tourists, yeshiva boys, religious Anglos couples on a night out, couples on a date and single men and woman of all nationalities looking to meet each other.  The bar includes a lounge area with large soft chairs, an outside terrace area and balconies, bar stools along the bar and tables down the length of the room.  There is also a cigar room behind thick glass doors.

The drinks menu is extensive and the bar menu is designed for sharing, but there are also some main dishes.  The food is excellent, but as with all the restaurants in the Mamilla Hotel, the kitchen will not make any changes to the dishes on the menu. The bar is open every night, with a DJ playing Wednesday to Saturday nights.  It has a good vibe to it most nights but I personally find it too busy on a Thursday night with the wrong sorts of people and I much prefer going there on a Saturday night when it is still busy but a little bit more relaxed.

Most of the time, I like the non-pretentious side to Jerusalem, but sometimes it is nice to be able to glam it up and for now, that means heading to Mirror Bar – see you there!

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