Brunch in the holy city

One of my favorite ways to make the most of a Friday in Jerusalem is to go somewhere good for brunch.  I have a few regular haunts, but I am also trying to explore new ones.  Top of the list has to be Café Itamar in Moshav Ora (close to Hadassah Ein Kerem).  Set in a garden nursery, this enchanting  cafe is great all year round.  Surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery, the relaxing sound of a waterfall at the side of the conservatory, they even provide blankets if it gets a bit chilly in the winter.  The food is always fresh and the waiting staff are friendly and helpful.  Most of them are residents of the Moshav, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere.  I always order  the local breakfast and the foccacia is also delicious.

Another firm favorite is Café Inbal in Ein Kerem.  Even though the service is not always so fast, the food is fresh and delicious and the setting is very picturesque.  I recommend getting the sharing breakfast which is served on a 3 tiered stand.  Ein Kerem is also a wonderful place to walk around with artists galleries and jewellery shops to explore in the back streets.

If you want to stay more locally, then Kadosh Café on Shlomtzion Hamalka is part of the Jerusalem establishment.  The crowded cafe has a European feel to it, with lots of small tables squashed together and everything on the menu has a very authentic homemade feel to it.  Just around the corner on Midrochov Ben Shetach , Gabriela (the sister restaurant of Gabriel) is a more elegant venue for brunch and it is especially fun to sit inside or outside and watch the world go buy on this busy pedestrian street.  Here I recommend the Country Breakfast but they have many other dishes to choose from.

Finally, if you don’t want to venture far and want guaranteed familiarity, Tal Bagels on Emek Refaim serves a great breakfast and Emek is always a fun place to be on a Friday.
If you have any great brunch venues to recommend, please let me know as I am excited to try new places!

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