When a pub is not a pub

I have to admit, that being able to eat kosher food at a bar/pub, is still a novelty and one of the special things about nightlife in Jerusalem.

There are various places in around the center of town to choose from.  Scottish pub Glasgow on Shlomtzion Hamalka has a small intimate feel to it, a varied kosher menu and a well stock bar.  The typical pub style menu includes shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.  They are not quite the real deal but a pretty good imitation and the friendly staff definitely make up for it.
Across the road on the popular Midrochov Ben Shetach is O’Connell Kosher Irish Pub.  To me this is more of an American version of an Irish pub than the real deal you would find in Ireland, but it is always busy, with a wide selection of drinks and food.  You definitely over pay slightly on the food, but it does not seem to stop the American tourists and locals from keeping it busy.
HaGov sports bar on Rehov Yoel Solomon is a strong contender in the kosher bar arena.  They have a great a happy hour which includes drinks and deals on food, which are really good value.  Whether you want to devour a burger or share a basket of wings and sweet potato fries at the bar with friends, HaGov does not disappoint.  The bar has 7 screens showing different American and Israeli sports games to keep everyone happy and a large outside area (covered and heated in the winter) which is perfect for groups.
So although none of these places are as authentic as the real deal back home, I guess they are the Israeli take on a pub.  If anyone knows what a real pub is like, they will know what I mean and I am not sure it is something the Israelis will ever understand or appreciate.

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