The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars

UPDATE: Click here for an updated version – Jerusalem Pick Up Bars Take Two

Jerusalem Pick Up BarsUntil recently, I never understood why the majority of bars in Israel were designed in such a way that the bar itself takes up an unecessary about of space in the middle of the room and is typically circular – unlike bars in the rest of the world that are smaller and at the side of the room.  Well a male friend explained it to me – this design allows maximum space for people to sit around the bar and face each other – thus increasing the chances of flirting and being “picked up”.    So of course, all in the name of research, I put this theory to the test.

One of my favorite more chilled out local bars is Resto Bar on Rehov Azza.  It is conveniently located very close to where I live and being in the heart of Rehavia, it attracts Israelis and Anglos alike.  It is also open on shabbat and although I am shomeret shabbat myself, I love being able to hang out there on a Friday afternoon in the summer eating watermelon when everywhere else is already closed.  I digress – Resto Bar has the perfect bar in the middle and I love sitting there with a girlfriend, checking out the guys on the other side and watching the cute bar men mixing his cocktails.  It is also fun to sit on the ourside deck and watch the world go by.

Another firm favorite for anightime prowl is Yehoshua on Rehov Ben Sira.  This place attracts a cool local crowd and often has more men then women, cannot think why!  The small high tables and intimate atmosphere, makes this ideal as a pick up bar and a hang out with friends.

Jabotinsky on Midrachov Ben Shetach has large pick up bar set up but seems to attract more of a pub style crowd.   Most of the bars on that strip set up big screens for key sports games – which guarantees an influx of guys – although they are often more interested in watching the screen than checking out women.

And of course, a post about pick up bars would not be complete without mentioning the King of Jerusalem bars, Mirror Bar in the Mamilla Hotel – eventhough it has a long thin bar and is often frequented by young haredi couples – the stream of single men and women on the prowl make it Jerusalem’s ulitmate pick up bar.  See you there boys and girls!

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