Succot in the Holy City

As the tourists flock to Jerusalem for the Hagim, you can see people building their Succah all over the city.  There is a huge choice of places to go and eat during Succot, but be warned that many places only have a small Succah so it is preferable to make a reservation.

Here are my recommendations of where to eat during Succot:

Brunch with a view
Although it will be heaving with people, all the cafes and restaurants in the Mamilla Mall have already built their Succot, so you have plenty to choose from.  The best views can be found at Rimon and Roladin which both serve a delicious variety of salads, sandwiches and pasta (here is Rimon’s English menu) and have great views of the old city.  Kedma, a deli style meat restaurant, directly overlooks Jaffa Gate and the Mamilla Cafe, with its Mediterranean decor, is a great location for a more chilled out meal (here is their sample menu).

Getting out of the hustle and bustle

For those who want to get out of the city center, Caffit in the Botanical Gardens has a beautiful Succah overlooking the lake.  They usually have kids activities during chol hamoed so go early and make sure to reserve!

Slightly further out the city in Gush Etzion is Gavna.  Set on the hillside overlooking the Judean Mountains, they have a large Succah and a dairy menu which includes a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine with Italian and French influences.

Dining in style

For those looking to dine out in style over Succot , head to one of the Jerusalem’s wonderful meat restaurants.  In town, Angelica, Gabriel and Lara all have a Succah and you can also head to Hachatzer off Derech Bet Lechem which is close to Emek Refaim.

For those who have not read my earlier posts on these places, I recommend Gabriel for the best steak in Jerusalem, Angelica for its glamor, service and menu creativity, Hachatzer for a reliable delicious enjoyable experience and Lara for more relaxed rustic meal.

Of course the city has many other restaurants on Emek Refaim and in the city center.  If you have had a great meal in the Succah this year, share your experience and let me know!

And don’t forget, at the end of a busy day out with friends and family – where do all the singles head to?  Mirror Bar of course, hag sameach!

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  1. Two things: That veal dish from HaChatzer looks AMAZING! I’d pay about $50 for that right now (like right this second)

    #2 – Mirror Bar is still up and running, I take it. I thought that place would fail quickly, so I’m glad to hear it’s ok. It is a cool little building in general! All those years I lived and traveled past it and only went there like once (maybe twice)! Crazy.

    • Mirror Bar is in full swing, on some nights over Succot, they had a line of 100 people waiting outside the hotel just to try to get into the bar. Most of it was hype because the bar itself was not that full, but it seemed to work!

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