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For the many singles that live in the Holy City and the numerous tourists who descend on it over Pesach, it is perhaps more important to know where they can have a “kosher” drink over Pesach than where they can eat.

Mirror Bar

Mirror Bar

Anyone who has read my previous blog posts knows that in the past my answer was always the same – Mirror Bar – but over the last year, not only have other options opened up, but my taste in bars has also changed.  So while Mirror Bar is still a good option if you want tasty Pesach meat snacks and a good choice of wine and Trump vodka, it is good to know that is no longer the only option for heading out with friends or on a date this Pesach.

I have 2 new favorites that are quite different, so in no particular order, here they are:



Basher – located at the beginning of Aggripas, just off King George, this bar/restaurant is popular with the trendier Nachlaot crowd and also attracts many different people for dinner and drinks.   I have loved this place since it opened and was happy to indulge in their gourmet cheese platters accompanied by delicious wine, but it was not always under kashrut supervision.  Now it is Kasher LeMehadrin (the teudah is in the kitchen, but I have seen it for myself) and they will be open for Pesach.  All the wine and cheese is the same as the rest of the year and one of the owners assured me that they have worked hard on making nice Pesach bread and are even trying to perfect a Pesach Gnocchi recipe.


HaSchena – a friend recently described this place as a pocket of Tel Aviv in Jerusalem – for all the right reasons.  Close enough to the shuk to also attract some Nachlaot crew, it is also next to the uber-cool Yudale (tapas bar of famed Machneyuda) and therefore gets passing trade from people hanging out there.  Again, until recently it was kosher but with no supervision, they now have a Teudat Kashrut and will be open for Pesach serving dairy snack.  There is always a good vibe inside and the outside terrace is small but cosy.  As the weather gets warmer, people start spilling out onto the street and it also seems to be gaining popularity.

So three very different options of kosher places to head out to over Pesach for a good time with your friends and the possibility of meeting some new ones!  חג שמח

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