Succot in the Holy City 2017

Even if you have your own Succah at home, it is always fun to experience eating in a restaurant Succah, especially in Jerusalem where some restaurants make a huge effort to decorate their Succah.

There is no question that Kikar Hamusica is a wonderful addition to the Jerusalem restaurant scene and with a choice of five restaurants – there is something for everyone’s taste.  They have one large Succah in the middle of the square with musical performances taking place from lunchtime until the evening. All the details of the various concerts are on their website.

Anna Italian Café in Ticho House will have a Succah on their front balcony overlooking the garden (and possibly at the back as well) – click here for a full review.

In past years Gabriel has always had the most impressive Succah and as it is on a pedestrian street, it is spacious and comfortable.

If you feel like venturing outside the city, Muza Bahar in Shoresh is a wonderful location with incredible views and I personally love the food  – full review here.

The new Isrotel Orient Jerusalem are welcoming non-hotel guests to their Succah for both chol hamoed and chag meals.  It is top on my list of places to try over Succot. Other hotels that have a spacious Succah include the Inbal, Mamilla Hotel and David Citadel.

Although it will be busy with people heading to the kotel, all the cafes and restaurants in the Mamilla Mall have a Succahso there is plenty of choice.  The best views can be found at Rimon and Roladin which both serve a good variety of salads, sandwiches and pasta and have great views of the Old City.  Kedma, a deli style meat restaurant, directly overlooks Jaffa Gate and has a large balcony with a Succah.

I hope this has given you some ideas of where to eat over Succot in Jerusalem. To read previous Succot posts, click here.

In order to write this before Succot starts, I am basing some of the information on my experience in previous years or information I have received from the restaurants themselves.

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