Kosher Sarona

A roundup of kosher restaurants and take out in Sarona.

Updated July 2020

People are always asking about kosher food in Sarona, especially because there is a high turnover of restaurants and shops in Sarona, so it is hard to keep track. Many of the kosher places that were there when they first opened, no longer exist and others have tried and failed.  I will try to keep this updated but please take that into consideration.  If you want to be sure, feel free to message me or ask in the group Restaurant Club Israel.

I have not included exact locations as it is hard to do that but I will distinguish between Sarona Market, which is the indoor market area and Sarona which is the outdoor complex. Instead of creating my usual list of recommended places, this post includes all kosher places.


  • Pita Basta  

Pita Basta has a number of interesting items on the menu.  I normally order the Heavy Pita (NIS 34) – not a mistake in translation! – which is grilled chicken liver, silan, lemon sauce, tahina and other delicious toppings. They also served a dessert Pita Loti (NIS 10), a crispy grilled pita with nutty chocolate and banana – sounds delicious!

PitaBasta.HeavyPita.Sarona TelAviv

  • Chicho  

Chicho is a Moroccan food bar specializing in meatball sandwiches. The lunch deal is NIS 38 for a medium meatball sandwich or NIS 45 for a large (about 6 meatballs!) and comes with a side salad, olives and a flavored soda. The meatball options include beef, lamb, fish, vegetarian or vegan. The pita bread is amazingly fresh and there is a spelt option.

Chicho.Kosher. Sarona Market.Tel Aviv

  • Rotisserie Chicken Club  

There is something about a great rotisserie chicken that never gets old. The Rotisserie Chicken Club has opened its third branch in Sarona Market.  As well as grilled chicken, they also serve chicken salad, chicken sandwich, sweet potato chips and roasted potatoes.

  • Arais

Despite the name, the restaurant has a full grilled meat menu with some more interesting cuts of beef like Denver Cut and Picanha, as well as various types of arais. The restaurant is located on the outside of Sarona Market, with plenty of outdoor seating. Here is the full Arais English Menu.

  • Whiskey Bar & Museum (Hashgacha Pratit)

Located in the basement of a Templar building, Whiskey Bar has walls lined with over 1000 types of whiskey, but it is still enjoyable for non-whiskey drinkers like myself. The setting and décor are very unique and there are plenty of large tables, so it is an ideal place for dinner with friends, but don’t expect much in the way of service.

Liver Pate-Whiskey Bar - Sarona Tel Aviv-Kosher

  • Paradiso  

Paradiso is a typical Israeli dairy café with the usual selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, pizza, pasta and fish – basically, they do everything OK and nothing that well.

  • Mixi Salad Bar  

Mixi is a kosher salad bar with a great selection of fresh vegetables, grains and toppings. The medium is NIS 38 and large is NIS 42, both include bread. They also serve toast for NIS 32.

  • Biga (Mehadrin)

When Sarona first opened, Biga was the only option for a kosher sit-down meal and the menu was interesting, the setting quaint and the service was what you expect from a mid-range café.  I am not sure what went wrong, but over the years it has got worse and worse and not only is the food not good, the service is terrible.

It takes a lot for me to walk out of a restaurant, especially when I am hungry.  Bad service can be excused but rudeness cannot. Despite this previous experience, I went back not long after, for a team lunch.  Out of a group of 8 people, we all left unhappy and frustrated, as a series of errors occurred and the staff was not only inefficient at dealing with the mistakes, they were also rude and unhelpful.  When the manager finally came over, she actually made it all worse and my colleague who had chosen the venue felt terrible. My advice would be to avoid Biga but some people seem to like it so I have included it here.


As well as the restaurants mentioned above, there are also several places in Sarona Market for take away snacks and desserts.

  • Paletas

Home-made healthy ice-lollies in a variety of flavors including vegan and sugar-free options. Unusual flavors of Paletas include Pistachio Malabi, Vietnamese Coffee, Mango Chili, Mexican Chocolate and Super Spirulina.

  • Halva Kingdom

A branch of the popular Halva Kingdom in the Machaneh Yehudah shuk, the Sarona Market store also includes a sesame mill at the back so you can see the fresh tahina being made.

The store has a selection of around 100 flavors of halva and they will normally let you try before you buy.  My personal favorites are the coffee and Belgian chocolate flavors and they recently started selling pre-sealed jars of halva so it can be easily transported. They also sell various savory and sweet flavored-tahina – the chocolate tahina is delicious and makes a healthy alternative to chocolate spread.

  • Le Boucher

Le Boucher is a well laid out, immaculately clean butcher with an impressive selection of meats, including veal schnitzel, asado and osso buco, as well as pre-made burgers and kebabs.


There are a number of places in Sarona Market that claim to use only kosher dairy or parev ingredients but as the stores are open on Shabbat, they do not have a kosher certificate.  While this is not an option for everybody, I am including this information for those who are happy with this distinction.

Included in this category are Gulis who make crispy dough balls that are drizzled with a choice of hot chocolate sauces and various other crunchy and sweet toppings. Perfect for sharing or as an indulgent dessert. Frost serves frozen yogurt with a tower of waffle cubes on top, drizzled with chocolate and covered with various sweet toppings. Other dessert options are cookies from Cookie Bucket, chocolates and cakes from Fauchon Paris and smoothies from Rebar.  All the pre-packaged chocolates at Max Brenner are kosher (with a hechsher) but the freshly made items are not.

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