Quick Bites in Sarona Market

The great thing about Sarona Market is that you have the choice of so many tasty places under one roof.  Even if you cannot all agree on what you want to eat, each person can get what they want and sit on the shared tables in the middle.

Another fun option is to eat each course at a different place like pizza to start, sushi for main course and doughnuts for dessert.  Here is my guide to quick bites in Sarona Market.

  1. VIA Rustico

The pizza at VIA Rustico has a perfect crispy base and a range of delicious toppings.  The pizza is sold by the weight and there is no minimum so it a perfect option for a quick snack or a starter before moving onto main course elsewhere. Interesting toppings include eggplant melanzaneh or zucchini with spicy parsley sauce.

They also recently expanded their menu to offer lasagna and soup for winter and have some very good lunch meal deals.

  1. Ze sushi

Ze Sushi has a large rectangular bar in the center of the market, with comfortable seating all around.  As well as traditional sushi options, they also have a selection of noodles and soups and sushi platters for takeaway.  All sushi is made to order so you know it is fresh.

  1. Marinado

For an indulgent meat feast, Marinado is a great option.  All the meat is from their own farm in the Golan and it is expertly cooked to order. The menu includes burgers, meat sandwiches and steaks.  All dishes are cooked to honor the quality of the meat, with simple seasoning and side dishes but the sandwiches are better than the steaks.

  1. Yildiz

Yildiz from chef Aviv Moshe brings Turkish street food to Sarona Market.  The simple menu revolves around beef kebabs made with entrecote and pistachios. The kebabs are served in a laffa wrap, on a plate with a variety of fresh salads,  crumbled onto hummus, or inside a bureka.  Other Turkish dishes include lahmajoun, chicken liver cigar and pullet chicken shawarma style. The simple Turkish Sheikh kebab is NIS 41 in laffa or 47 on a plate.

  1. Chicho (Rabbanut)

One of the newer openings in the market is Chicho, a Moroccan food bar specializing in meatball sandwiches. The lunch deal is NIS 38 for a medium meatball sandwich or NIS 45 for a large (about 6 meatballs!) and comes with a side salad, olives and a flavored soda. The meatball options include beef, lamb, fish, vegetarian or vegan. The pita bread is amazingly fresh and there is a spelt option.

  1. Mexicana Mercado

A fairly new addition to Sarona Market, Mexicana Mercado is a branch of the popular Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant with two other branches in Tel Aviv. The varied menu includes burritos, burrito bowls and tacos with traditional fillings including chicken, beef, chili con carne, chorizo, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

Update – they were recently closed down for food poising 80 people – they have now reopened but be warned!

  1. Kukuriku

One of the most appealing things about Kukuriku is watching the golden chickens turning on the spits as they cook.  Chef Ran Shmueli’s stand sells chicken platters and sandwiches, with a selection of sauces and roasted vegetables.

  1. Captain Curry by Yonathan Roshfeld

Chef Yonathan Roshfeld left the world of fine dining at Herbert Samuel (apparently not by choice) and is now focusing on Indian food with Captain Curry. Dishes on the menu include chicken tandoori, sweet potato curry, lamb and chicken biryani and Bombay shrimps.

The Sarona Market branch was so successful that he also opened one on Dizengoff a few months later and they also deliver in Tel Aviv.

  1. HIRO Ramen Bar

Chef Aharoni is known for his love of Asian food and HIRO Ramen Bar is a perfect homage to that passion.  The menu includes various options of chicken, beef or silken tofu ramen, as well as steamed buns, chicken wings, gyoza and various salads.

  1. Ikar H’abriut

For those wanting a healthy alternative, this is a perfect option. The salad bar includes unlimited raw vegetables, as well as roasted vegetables, pasta, quinoa and mixed seeds.  The set price of NIS 35 includes one protein (egg, cheese or tuna) and each additional protein is NIS 3.

Moshe Segev also has Segev Concept in the market, which includes two different stands with street food options, and the third stand with just desserts.

Although there are several dessert options in the market, for me Gulis is the tastiest and the most unique.  Freshly made dough balls are drizzled with a choice of hot chocolate sauces and various other crunchy and sweet toppings. Perfect for sharing or as an indulgent dessert.

Deli Fleishman (Kosher) – this used to be one of the few kosher options in Sarona Market but they recently moved across the road to Derech Menachem Begin, but the sandwiches are so good, it is worth the extra 5-minute walk! Deli Fleishman has a choice of various smoked or grilled meat fillings, as well as some fish and vegetarian options, all orders include a side of pickles and a baked potato.  The sandwiches come with a selection of delicious fresh bread, including ciabatta, rustic sourdough or Moroccan Freneh, NIS 32 for the small and 42 for the large. My favorites are the Brooklyn Corn beef or the grilled Entrecote and the horseradish mayonnaise goes particularly well with both.

Here is a full list of all the food options in Sarona Market and you can read other posts about Sarona here.

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