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Israel Foodie Roundup – March 2018

Out with the old and in with the new. While it is sad that some of my all-time favorites have recently closed, Roberg on Moshav Livnim and Café de Paris in Jerusalem, there are also some exciting new openings.  The trend for places becoming kosher continues.

Wishing everyone חג פסח שמח.


The biggest news in the kosher culinary scene in Israel is the opening of Malka, the new restaurant by Chef Eyal Shani, where Liliyot used to be. It is definitely worth trying but there were quite a few issues when I went but they are still new so I will reserve final judgment for now; click here for my review and photos.

Arais Machneyuda has opened near Machaneh Yehudah. For those not familiar with Arais, they are pita pockets, filled with ground meat and toasted on a grill – yum!

BP Kosher Bistro from Haifa, has opened a second branch in Netanya and like many great restaurants in Israel, it is located in a gas station! It has opened just in time for Pesach ready for all the tourists.

Zakaim vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv has become kosher after a year in business.


Wok to Walk has opened its first branch in Israel on Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv and will soon open a branch in Sarona Market.

Or Ginsberg the winner of the 2016 TV show Game of Chefs has opened Selas in the Yafo flea market. The restaurant will only be open to the public on Tuesday and Friday. Each Tuesday there will be a guest chef who will host a fixed menu, together with Chef Ginsberg and on Friday, the restaurant will open with music and alcohol.

Captain Curry on Dizengoff has closed, just 10 months after it opened – the curse of Yonatan Roshfeld strikes again. The Sarona branch will continue with delivery.

Halutzim 3, Garrigue and Orna & Ella have all closed – after many years in business.

Other Israel Foodie News

Chef Moshe Segev will be opening another kosher restaurant which will be a different concept from the other kosher restaurants that he recently opened in Beersheva and Netanya. Segev was quoted as saying that the new concept will be east meets west, and unlike any other restaurant in Israel, even the non-kosher ones.

Famous Jaffa restaurant Old Man and the Sea (Not Kosher) will open a younger sister, Sicilia  (Not Kosher) in early April.  Sicilia will open in the Jaffa port where the original restaurant used to be before the area flooded. They have not yet released the menu but the renovations include a taboon oven for pizza and the restaurant has space for 100s of diners.

Rothschild Allenby Market may be closing after just one year in business. Following the success of Shuk HaNamal, Sarona Market and Shuk Tzafon, the Rothschild Allenby Market should have also been a success, but on my first visit, it was clear that they are not the same.

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