Red Tuna Sashimi Mona Jerusalem Not Kosher Friday NightJerusalem Post Article

Creative Food in a Classic Surrounding

The minute you walk through the doorway of The Jerusalem Artists House and enter the Mona restaurant, the beauty of the historical building sets the tone for the experience to come. Some restaurants rely too heavily on a beautiful setting and do not deliver the full dining experience with the food and service. Luckily for us, Mona is not one of those restaurants.

I am often asked if I can objectively review a restaurant if the server knows that we are doing a review. Although I always pay attention to see how the service we receive compares to those around us, in this case, our waitress, Hagar, had no idea that we were guests of the restaurant until the end of the meal and I can truly say that we received efficient and friendly service from her, from the beginning until the end.

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