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Debbest Dishes – September 2018

With trips abroad and Chagim, September has not been a typical month, but I still managed a few delicious dishes in Jerusalem and spent a few days in the Galil and Golan which allowed for some tasty treats.

  1. Mushroom Pizza (NIS 54) @La Piedra (Kosher), Jerusalem – I didn’t think this pizza could get any better but this time the mushrooms were chopped smaller, with the perfect balance of gorgonzola and truffle oil. The Levant Salad (NIS 38) is also delicious and a healthy accompaniment to the pizza.

  1. Polenta with Mushrooms and Parmesan @Yudale Bar, Jerusalem – for when you are craving the Machneyuda signature dish, the version at Yudale is very similar and we managed to find a place without a booking.

  1. Beitza Baken (Egg in the Nest) with mushrooms and feta (NIS 46) @Cafe Hamamat, Maale HaHamisha – a great place for Friday Brunch outside the city in a pretty setting.

  1. Almond Milk Pistachio Ice Cream with Amarena Cherries @Enigma, Jerusalem – ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and you can choose your own flavor. Especially great if you can’t have dairy and like interesting flavor combinations.


  1. Cheese Platter @Jezreel Valley Winery, Kibbutz Hannaton, Galil – a really fun winery to visit with friendly and knowledgeable staff and a very tasty cheese platter. If you are in the area, make sure to visit.

  1. Beef Cheek Stew in Hummus @Gillis Steak House, Moshav Nov, Golan – I took advantage of Gillis being open for Succot to go for dinner. This delicious starter is addictive and I convinced the owner to give me the secret recipe!
  1. Fillet Steak @Gillis Steak House, Moshav Nov, Golan – possibly the best fillet steak I have ever had, this is the first time I have ordered a full steak and not had the tasting menu and it was totally worth it.
  1. Coffee & Pastry @Adika Coffee House (Not Kosher), Assaf Winery, Kedmat Zvi, Golan – freshly baked pastries in a picturesque coffee shop, in the grounds of a family run winery in the Golan. The wine is also very good and the staff very knowledgeable.

Dismissed Dishes

A friend was visiting from NY so I decided to give Valero in Jerusalem another chance. Although we only ordered a few starters to share, they were all lacking anything special. With so many wonderful places to go in the area that have better food and atmosphere, I won’t be going back.

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