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Debbest Dishes – October 2018

Much as I love trying new things, I am also a creature of habit, so when there is a dish I like in a restaurant, I tend to re-order it whenever I go. As a result, some of the dishes are repeats from previous months. I thought about mentioning a different dish, but at least that shows that I really do love that dish.

I was in London for 10 days in October, so I have included some dishes from there, as tips for any of you planning a trip to London.

  1. Moroccan Cigar @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – first on the list and a repetition from July, but if you have tried this dish, you will know why it is not only my favorite starter at Jacko’s but also the best Moroccan cigar I have ever had.

  1. Smoked Asado @Sheraton Hotel (Kosher), Tel Aviv – I was lucky enough to be invited to the Sheraton Hotel annual pool party, showcasing the services from the hotel. The highlight was the Smoked Asado, with a line of people waiting to be served throughout the night.

  1. Brunch Buffet @Kirshner Farm – this new country café in Beit Lechem Hagalilit serves a delicious dairy brunch buffet on Friday and Shabbat. I spent the night in the B&B on the property so my breakfast was included in our booking (more details here) but it is worth a visit if you are planning to be in the area.
  1. Smoked Brisket @BBQ Garage Golan Tishbi (Kosher), Tishbi Winery – by the time I arrived, they were sold out of everything except the Brisket and although it was slightly too dry for me, it was still very tasty.
  1. Beef Tataki @Naya Asian (Kosher), Beit Nekofa  -the setting is lovely but I was less impressed on my second visit. The beef tataki was good but the sushi was not great and the wait staff always seem more interested in talking to each other than serving the customers.
  1. Goose Liver Pate @West Side (Kosher), Royal Beach Tel Aviv – it was my first time at West Side for a long time and although I loved the whole meal, this starter was definitely my favorite dish. The pate was rich and creamy and the Amarena cherries were the perfect accompaniment.

  1. Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream @Grom London – this well-known Italian gelateria has only one store in London and serves an interesting selection of traditional and unique flavors. The Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream was creamy, with a rich chocolate flavor and perfect for someone who doesn’t want dairy but still craves ice cream rather than sorbet.

  1. Beef Burger with Salt Beef @Reubens (Kosher), London – the only kosher restaurant in central London is known for its salt beef (similar but better than corned beef) sandwiches, but this was my first time trying their burger and the salt beef was the perfect topping. It is only a 10-minute walk from Selfridges so perfect for a mid or post-shopping meal.
  1. Saffron, Pickles, Carrot & Pita Bread @Zest at Bevis Marks (Kosher), London – we couldn’t decide which starters to order so instead we had a mezze platter of all of them. Everything was delicious but the saffron dip was the most unusual and I loved the pickled baby carrots.

  1. Carmel, Sea Salt & Sesame Ice Cream @Coal Office, London- the latest restaurant in the Israeli Machneyuda group is housed in an old coal storage behind King’s Cross Station and is in partnership with designer Tom Dixon. Many of Chef Assaf Granit‘s signature dishes are on the menu, like the polenta with mushroom ragout and shikshukit, but my favorite was the dessert, served in a beautiful bashed rose gold bowl, designed by Tom Dixon.

Wine of the month – Tulip Syrah 2016

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