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Israel Foodie Roundup – November 2018

As we approach the end of the year, there is significantly less news on the Israeli culinary scene, but there are a few new places to try and other places to look forward to.


As well as renovating the building itself, the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem has also renovated their restaurants. They have launched a new meat restaurant called 02, which they are calling an upbeat Jerusalem chef restaurant. They are still using a test menu, which for now includes fish and meat skewers, grilled meat by the weight, and other dishes. Full review here.

If her pastries taste as good as they look, then the Jerusalem shuk is in for a treat with the opening of Maafiti by Racheli Ver-Nir. Racheli is known for her pastry workshops and this is her first store. Maafiti is taking the place of the recently closed ReBar (good riddance) store in the open shuk, close to Agripas.

Hamikdash restaurant in Kfar Saba is becoming kosher. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a temple to all things meat and is a very exciting addition to the kosher dining world.

A new place has opened in Rishon LeZion that has everyone talking about it. Falafel Belgi is a falafel made into the shape of a waffle and filled with salad and tahina. I personally don’t see what is wrong with a traditional soft pita filled with falafel but to each their own!

Hahatzer has closed after 12 years in business. The chef plans to focus on Medita, the newer and less expensive restaurant by the same owners.


People often tell me that they think it is hard to find non-kosher food in Jerusalem. That might have been true in the past, but now it is available all over the city, it is all about supply and demand. Burger Room JLM has opened on Azza in place of Corky and serves a selection of cheeseburgers with toppings including bacon, guacamole, jalapeno and tzatziki.

L28 is a very interesting new culinary project managed by Start Up Nation Central and restauranteurs Yoram and Ari Yarzin on Lilenblum in Tel Aviv. The restaurant will promote young chefs who would not normally have the opportunity to open their own restaurant and every six months a different chef will be in charge of the kitchen. The first chef selected is Shuli Wimer who used to work at the famous River Café in London. She combines classic Italian dishes with touches of Galilee food that she brings with her from home.

In addition, there is a vegetable garden on the roof and the produce are served in the restaurant.

Avocada is a new restaurant in Tel Aviv, where every dish focuses on avocados, even the desserts. Avocado restaurants have opened in Berlin, Athens, Rome, Milan, New York and London, and now Tel Aviv. Although many of the dishes are vegan, dairy, fish and meat are also included in some dishes.



Chef Nir Zook is in the process of opening Arba, an Israeli Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side of New York. The restaurant is rumored to serve fish and not meat.

The owners of The Bun are reopening in Shuk HaCarmel, but this time it will be called China Club and will focus on traditional and modern Chinese dishes.



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