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Debbest Dishes – November 2018

Anyone that has been following my blog for some time will know that I am a massive carnivore, especially when eating in restaurants. It is not that I don’t like dairy and fish, in fact, I love them, but when I am eating in a nice restaurant, there are a few reasons why I typically order red meat. I believe in ordering food in restaurants that I cannot cook myself at home.

Despite what some might think from reading this blog, I do cook for myself and I have recently started cooking steaks at home. But knowing how to sear a steak on the outside, while it remains juicy on the inside, is a skill that takes a lot of practice.

All of this is a very long intro to explain why three of my favorite dishes this month were beef fillet, more about that to follow…

  1. Citrus Salmon @Piccolino (Mehadrin), Jerusalem – even in early November, it was great sitting outside in the courtyard of Kikar Hamusica for a business lunch. The salmon was perfectly cooked and came with some lovely grilled vegetables.

  1. Soy Ice Cream @JLM Sushi (Kosher), Jerusalem –  there are many dishes I really like at JLM but the soy ice cream is such a unique flavor. The mixture of salty and sweet works so well and it is also a wonderfully creamy parev ice cream!

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  1. Salmon Tartare @Herbert Samuel (Kosher), Ritz Carlton Herzliya – the menu changes regularly so the exact components of the dishes vary, but I always enjoy the raw fish starters, especially when followed by a nice meat main!

  1. Beef Tartare @Meat Kitchen (Kosher), Tel Aviv – I am not sure if it is the sliced almonds or the balsamic caviar, but there is something about the mixture of flavors and textures in this beef tartare that makes it particularly delicious. It also comes with a generous portion of toast and piping hot bone marrow.

  1. Brunch @Beit Ha’ugot (Mehadrin), Yesod Hamala – this was my third visit to this wonderful countryside cafe but the first time I ordered the breakfast. All the dips and salads were delicious but the home-made jam was my favorite part. Unfortunately Beit Ha’got is closed temporarily due to issues with the owner’s neighbors but hopefully, they will be reopening soon (full review here).

  1. Fillet Steak @Gillis Steak House (Kosher),  Moshav Nov, Golan –  this is the tastiest and juiciest fillet steak I have ever had (maybe because it is grass-fed) and it doesn’t need any sauce or flavoring. I was fortunate to have been at Gillis in September and it was a pleasure to go back so soon and order the exact same dish because it is that good! (full review here).

  1. Burger @Memphis Burger (Kosher), Jerusalem – the burger at Memphis is cooked like a steak, with a great sear on the outside and juicy in the middle. The burger is more expensive than other places, but the quality of the meat is clearly superior. It is also a nice take-away restaurant, with friendly and efficient service, I just wish the bun didn’t disintegrate.

  1. Beef Fillet @West Side (Kosher), Royal Beach Tel Aviv – my rare steak was served with a creamy mash, topped with a perfect amount of truffle sauce and bok choy on the side. It also came with an enormous piece of bone marrow which was delicious but too much for one person to eat. It was also delicious!

  1. Beef Fillet @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – this was the final dish, as part of a culinary workshop for the OpenRestaurants festival. The Beef Fillet with Mushroom Risotto Yifrach was a mini version of the same dish on the menu and was as tasty as it always is.

  1. Acharuli@HaChapuria (Dairy-no teudah), Jerusalem –  what could be better than a bread boat filled with melted cheese, poached eggs and a massive dollop of butter. Even though I live close by, I only go when I have friends visiting and it is a perfect Friday lunch indulgence.

Wine of the month – Yatir Mt Amasa.

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