13 Israeli Restaurants Rank in the Top 1,000 in the World

Unlike many other restaurant rankings, La Liste is based on the compilation of hundreds of guidebooks and millions of online reviews and offers the 1000 best global restaurant selection handpicked by food critics and expert guides. Each restaurant is given a score out of 100 and for 2019, 13 Israeli restaurants appear in the rankings. As a country, Israel ranks 21 out of 64 countries, with the top three countries being Japan, China and France.

Here is the list of Israeli restaurants featured in La Liste, along with their scores:

  1. Lumina by Meir Adoni, (Kosher), Tel Aviv – 93.25
  2. Blue Sky by Meir Adoni, (Kosher), Tel Aviv – 88.75
  3. OCD TLV, Tel Aviv – 83.50
  4. Manta Ray, Tel Aviv – 83.00
  5. Mashya, Tel Aviv – 82.50
  6. HaSalon, Tel Aviv – 81.25
  7. La Regence(Kosher), Jerusalem – 81.25
  8. Popina, Tel Aviv – 80.50
  9. Pastel, Tel Aviv – 80.50
  10. Claro, Tel Aviv – 80.50
  11. Dinings at The Norman, Tel Aviv – 80.50
  12. Chakra, Jerusalem – 80.25
  13. Herbert Samuel, Tel Aviv – 80.00 (Tel Aviv branch now closed)

Click here for the full 2019 ranking.


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