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Debbest Dishes – December 2018

Luckily for me, it has been a busy month and I had plenty of great meals to choose from for this list. Some repeat visits to old favorites and a few new ones as well. A great way to end 2018.

  1. Fish Bowl @Sushiya (Kosher), Jerusalem – every time I eat at Sushiya, it reminds me how good it is, especially in a city which lacks good sushi options. I also love the understated setting and friendly service.

  1. 600g Prime Rib @Meat Kitchen (Kosher), Tel Aviv – the quality of the aged meat makes the Prime Rib my first choice on the menu, whenever I have someone to share it with me. It once again did not disappoint; however, we didn’t like the Chocolate tart dessert which we ordered to end the meal.

  1. Yellowtail Sashimi @02 Restaurant, Inbal Hotel (Kosher), Jerusalem – the presentation and taste of this dish was the highlight of my meal at this new kosher meat restaurant, full review here.

  1. Chicken Breast in Red Miso Steamed Bun @JLM Sushi (Kosher), Jerusalem – one of the new menu items at JLM, it was full of flavor and a pleasure to eat. They have also renovated the restaurant to include a bar and an interesting Japanese-themed cocktail menu.

  1. Lamb & Pine Nut Katayef @West SideRoyal Beach Tel Aviv (Kosher) – Katayef is a traditional Arab dessert served during Ramadan, this savory version was an interesting starter which we all loved. The Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto with Zucchini Flower was also very good.

  1. Raspberry Mouse Cake @Royal Beach Tel Aviv (Kosher) – I spent a few hours in the business lounge of the Royal Beach Hotel for some meetings and could not resist trying this enticing dessert. Both the food and service in the whole hotel are fabulous.

  1. Lamb Chops @RooftopMamilla Hotel (Kosher), Jerusalem – my favorite place to take first-time visitors to Jerusalem, the food was all delicious especially my main course, and the Duck in a Blanket and & Turkish Brik starters were also very tasty. The service always seems to let down the experience but I still think it is worth it.

  1. Chocolate Fondant @RooftopMamilla Hotel (Kosher), Jerusalem – this decadent dessert was so good that it warrants its own mention. Served fresh from the oven in its own tiny pan, the hot chocolate fondant, made with Valrhona chocolate and topped with a scoop of Masala Chai ice cream, was absolutely delicious. The Floating Island was also very good.

  1. Lemon Grass Crème Brulee @Mapu, Prima City Hotel (Kosher), Tel Aviv – this creamy and fragrant dessert was the highlight of a great meal. The Lightly Smoked Goose Breast with Mulberries main course was also a wonderfully addictive dish.

  1. Seared Mallard Breast @The Eucalyptus (Kosher), Jerusalem – this was the best dish for me from the King Solomon Feast Tasting menu (NIS 350pp) but the Oriental Ceviche, Roasted Cauliflower and Kubeniya were also very good. The restaurant was absolutely packed and all the wait staff seemed to be serving every table at once which was confusing and slowed the process, but overall it was a great meal.

I had a few other meals in December that didn’t qualify for this list but are worth mentioning:

  • Valero (Kosher), Jerusalem – while it is not my first choice for food, the atmosphere and music are perfect for a group celebration. We enjoyed the sweet bread bun, sea fish tartar and burger (I requested medium as last time I tried it, it was overcooked and rubbery).
  • Gush Etzion Winery – a nice setting for brunch with fresh tasting dishes and good flavors.

Wine of the month – Lueria Rosso 2014

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