Debbest Dishes

Debbest Dishes – January 2019

  1. Liver Pate @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – this is a new starter that the chef was testing out. Bite size pieces of liver pate were served with biscotti, strawberries, caramelized shallots and a balsamic vinegar reduction.

  1. Salmon Sashimi @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – another starter special that is not yet on the menu but I suspect might be on the menu of Jacko’s Son when it opens. The combination of salmon, strawberry and wasabi was refreshing and surprisingly good together.

  1. Gin & Tonic @Hasadna (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – made with Spanish Gin Mare, rosemary and two salty olives, Hasadna has the best selection of Gin in Jerusalem, possibly in Israel.

  1. Tuna tartare @Hasadna (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the food, drinks, service and ambiance at Hasadna are all amazing. The tuna tartare was fresh, with a mix of textures and flavor profiles.

  1. Lemon Pie @Peppino (Kosher), Modiin – authentic lemon pie in a lovely neighborhood Italian restaurant in Modiin. Delicious food and friendly service.

  1. Purple Haze @Gatsby Jerusalem (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the cocktail menu at Gatsby is not as extensive as it used to be but the purple haze cocktail was so good that I had to have two. It is made with gin, the house special unicorn liquor, which gives the unique purple color, topped with egg white foam.
  1. Tuna Tartare @Gatsby Jerusalem (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the fresh red tuna was served with crunchy red quinoa and a purple tinge vinaigrette, which created a beautifully plated and tasty dish.

  1. Sheitel Carpaccio @Hamikdash (Kosher), Kfar Saba – sliced perfectly thin, served with toasted brioche, chili, balsamic vinegar and mini capers, each bite was light and tasty.

  1. Sinta Steak @Hamikdash (Kosher), Kfar Saba – the Hunter’s platter included 400g of raw meat and the sinta/sirloin was a clear favorite, especially when cooked on a hot stone with goose fat.

  1. Chocolate Crunch Dessert @Hamikdash (Kosher), Kfar Saba – I was worried that this would just be another generic chocolate dessert but I was pleasantly surprised. The chocolate coating was thin and crunchy, with a biscuit base and light and fluffy mousse filing. The mango chili sorbet was also delicious and unique.

Wine of the month – Recanati Rosé

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