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Debbest Dishes – March 2019

March has been a month for trying new places, and it helps that both Dekel and Jacko’s Son are in my neighborhood. This list is in chronological order and not in order of preference.

  1. Kubala Bread with salted caramel butter @Dekel, Jerusalem – this was my first time for dinner at Dekel since it switched from being a bar to a restaurant. It has a nice and chilled vibe and the kubala bread (similar to kubaneh) with the salted caramel butter was delicious.

  1. Bananas Bender @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – I have wanted to try this dessert for a long time and for some reason it never happened.  The beautifully plated dessert includes pieces of chocolate cake, salted caramel, nougat, fresh and caramelized bananas and coffee ice cream, all sprinkled with ‘branches’ of dark chocolate. It was so good that we all devoured it in a matter of minutes.

  1. Green Zucchini And Fennel Salad @Meat Kitchen (Kosher), Tel Aviv –  the fresh and crunchy salad is an ideal starter for a lighter meal. The business lunch is a good value with the starter included in the price of the main.

  1. Chocolate Nemesis @Dekel, Jerusalem – we didn’t have time for dessert on my first visit, so I had to go back. The nemesis is definitely the dessert of the moment and this a particularly good one, with a soft mousey texture and the perfect sprinkling of salt on top.

  1. Liver Pita @Pita Basta (Kosher), Sarona Market, Tel Aviv – much as I like trying new things, when I find myself in Sarona Market, I walk around to see all the tempting options, but always go back to what I know is delicious. The ‘Heavy Pita’ (NIS 34) is grilled chicken liver, silan, lemon sauce, tahina, and other delicious toppings.

  1. Poke Bowl @Street Market, (Kosher) Jerusalem – although I don’t think that much of the sushi, the poke bowls at Street Market are fresh, tasty and filling.

  1. Take Me to Church @Zuta Cocktail Bar (Kosher), Jerusalem – a gin cocktail made from Gin Mare, Becherovka, pineapple, lime and cardamon.

  1. Gin in a Bottle @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem – this delicate cocktail, made with Gin Mare, syrup and herbs, served in a Chinese teapot with spherical ice, a sprig of rosemary and Fever Tree tonic.

  1. Fish Carpaccio @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem – this was my favorite of the three dishes we tried. The paper thin red drum fish was topped with spicy nuts, pistachio zhug, and wasabi vinaigrette. Not only was it beautifully presented but the flavors were so good, we nearly licked the bowl clean.

  1. Red Tuna Tartare Sushi @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem- a sushi roll with red tuna tartare and shitake mushrooms inside and caramelized salmon on the outside.

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