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Israel Foodie Roundup May 2019

Nothing super exciting to report this month, but as always, there are a few openings and closings to report and the latest trend in the culinary world is blue food!

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Zalman’s (Mehadrin) is a new American style hotdog and meat toast stall, off Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem.

Kobe ve’pita is a new streetfood restaurant in Shuk Machane Yehuda, which serves traditional kubbeh soup and kubbeh inside a pita for those looking for a snack on the move.

Agadir Burger (Machpud) has opened a large branch in Cinema City Jerusalem, which includes space for 50 on the balcony. The first kosher branch opened in Bnei Brak at the beginning of the year.

The Allenby branch of Tel Aviv burger restaurant Susu & Sons has become kosher. They have not yet updated the website with the kosher menu but there is a teudah in the restaurant. The company announced that they plan to open more kosher branches around the country.

It seems that there are not enough Arais places in Tel Aviv, so Arais Mahneyuda has now opened on Herzl in Tel Aviv.

Green Butcher is a vegan restaurant on Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv, serving vegan hamburgers, arais, kebab, hot dogs and salads.


Saida Sultana (Kosher-no teudah) is an authentic local food bar and grill on Ahad Ha’am in Tel Aviv.

Tikka is an Indian ‘Naanwich’ bar in Shuk Tzafon.

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Alice Gelato is a new ice cream store which uses only natural ingredients, without flavoring or coloring. Interesting flavors include blue spirulina ice cream, lemon and ginger sorbet, and sesame vegan ice cream.

GOAT TLV is a new Asian bar on Rothschild from the owners of Jimmy Who, with a menu by French-Israeli Chef Frank Azulay. The name has nothing to do with the animal but stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time’.

Abale is a Balkan restaurant and bar in Yafo.


The Ramat Gan municipality has given approval for food trucks to be set up in the city. The first two food trucks have opened, one as a coffee shop and one with meat street food, such as Arais and Steak in a pita. This is the first city to allow food truck licenses. The trucks will be stationary at Rambam Square (Orda) in Ramat Gan.

Bar A Vin and Da Da & Da closed the popular Tel Aviv restaurants run by Chef Einav Azguri and Da Daud at the end of May. The closure is due to a dispute with the French Institute which owns the building that both restaurants are in. There is a chance it will be resolved or they may relocate but that will take time and money.

Tailor Made on Allenby in Tel Aviv will close at the end of June as the building is being demolished.



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