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Debbest Dishes June 2019

Top 10 Debbest Dishes in June.

This month was my birthday and rather than having one celebration, I managed to drag it out with lots of mini celebrations. In chronological order, here are debbest dishes for June:

  • Tuna Combination @Sefora Sushi Bar By 2C (Kosher). There is a new sushi menu but the restaurant is pretty much the same as it was. The sushi was good and it was a great option for a business lunch. The waiters seemed very inexperienced and even though the view is great, the restaurant needs a facelift.
  • Mesiba/Party @Hatahinia (Tzohar), Tel Aviv. Hot tahina, with a soft egg, coriander, spices and artichoke. The simple dish was the perfect balance of creamy and spicy, and it was my first time having baked tahina. I also loved exploring the Levinsky Market area.Hatahinia Mesiba Kosher Tel Aviv
  • Fish Carpaccio @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem. This was my second time trying this dish and it was just as good as before. It beautifully presented with a delicious combination of flavors. We also loved the vegetarian sushi with tempura zucchini, avocado and cucumber.Fish Carpaccio Jackos Son Kosher erusalem. Restaurant
  • Dessert Platter @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem. I have seen the dessert platter being served at Jacko’s Street many times for a birthday, but it was nice to see how they adapted it for a bar setting. I still think the banana chocolate dessert is still my favorite. I had a citrusy gin cocktail to go with the meal, which was great.Desserts Jacko's Son Jerusalem Kosher Restaurant
  • Mallard Breast @Meat Kitchen (Kosher), Tel Aviv. The mallard breast was topped with a succulent piece of seared goose liver, Amarena cherry sauce with a slick of porcini purée and mashed potatoes at the side. It is a nice alternative to steak, with good flavors and textures. I prefer the fat on the mallard to be rendered more but it was still delicious.Mallard Breast Meat Kitchen Tel Aviv Kosher
  • Nebraska Sirloin @Chloelys, Hilton Tel Aviv (Kosher). Served with a red wine sauce, bone marrow and roast potato. I asked for medium and it came medium rare which meant that some parts in the middle were a bit tough to eat but overall it was a good steak. The new setting of the restaurant is beautiful, especially if you are there for sunset.
  • Camembert Sandwich @Rachel BeSdera (Kosher), Jerusalem. The sandwich menu is so interesting and the drizzle of raw tahina and silan on the top is a great finish. It is also a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

  • Yum Salad @Cafe Naadi (Kosher), Jerusalem. The salad made from bulgur wheat, lettuce, cranberries, sprouts, sauteed mushrooms and parmesan was very satisfying. The truffle oil added depth of flavor, the harissa gave the perfect amount of heat, with yogurt on the side to balance the heat.Yum Salad Naadi Cafe Jerusalem Kosher
  • Minute Steak @Malka by Eyal Shani (Kosher), Tel Aviv. Thin slices of juicy entrecote were served on a base of tahini, with tomato tartar and a hint of spice. The bread was also wonderfully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Minute Steak-Malka-Tel Aviv-Kosher
  • Zucchini and Parmesan Carpaccio @Café Hamamat HaSahlavim (Dairy Not Kosher), Maale HaHamisha. This rural orchid cafe is a lovely place for dinner with friends, and this fresh vegetable dish was a perfect starter to share.

Zucchini Carpaccio-Orchid Cafe-Maale HahamishaI had a few other meals in June that didn’t qualify for this list but are worth mentioning:

  •  Smadar (Dairy Not Kosher), Jerusalem. The polenta topped with chestnuts, mushrooms & parmesan was delicious but the main courses were disappointing.

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