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Debbest Dishes July 2019

Top 10 Debbest Dishes in July.

This month was filled with visits from both family and friends, including a mini staycation in Tel Aviv, so I was able to revisit some old favorites and try some new places. In chronological order, here are debbest dishes for July:

  • Tartufo Pizza @Madeleine (Kosher), Modi’in – if you are looking for a quick meal close to the airport, then this is a convenient option. I normally go to Michalis but decided to try somewhere new. The food was delicious but the setting is very simple – ideal for a quick meal.Tartufo Pizza, Madeleine (Kosher), Modi’in
  • Tuna Sashimi @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – this chef special was served in a beet and strawberry coulis, with a touch of heat from fresh red chili. We loved the dish but it needs to be served in a deeper dish.Tuna Sashimi @Jacko’s Street Jerusalem Kosher Restaurant
  • Japanese Schnitzel Bun @Nununu, Tel Aviv – thin slices of fresh and crispy schnitzel, drizzled with a sweet Asian sauce, in a challah toast sandwich. It is dangerously good!Japanese Schnitzel @ Nununu Tel Aviv
  • Friday Brunch Buffet @Cafe Yaffo (Kosher), Yaffo – this was my first time at one of Yaffo’s only kosher cafes and the buffet lunch allowed us to try a variety of delicacies.  The buffet was constantly being refilled and new dishes brought out. The food was all fresh and tasty and for NIS 79, it is great value for money. Friday Buffet at Caffe Yaffo
  • Charcuterie Platter @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem – earlier that week there was a club sandwich special on the menu. Although it wasn’t available that day, the chef was kind enough to let us try just the meats. The chicken and turkey pastrami were both delicious but the roast beef was pure perfection – the best I have ever had. I hope it makes it onto the main menu.Charcuterie Jackos Street Jerusalem Kosher Restaurant
  • Arabic Cucumber Salad @Yudale Bar, Jerusalem – I often see Arabic cucumber (Fakus) in the shuk, but never knew how to prepare it. The simple salad was served with tomato, and spicy pita croutons, on a bed of labaneh. The Okra 4G was also great.Arabic Cucumber Salad Yudale Bar Jerusalem Not Kosher
  • Green Okra @Romano, Tel Aviv – my friends looked at me in shock as the taxi pulled up outside what looked like an abandoned building in South Tel Aviv. Luckily I knew what was hidden inside. All the food was delicious, but the rich okra in a tomato sauce, served with tahina, boiled egg and a huge chunk of challah, was incredible. We also loved the baby cauliflower and green beans. The eclectic decor and funky background music create a fun ambiance while still allowing friendly conversations.

Beit Romano  - Eyal Shani - Tel Aviv - Green Okra

  • Sashimi Salad @Cafe Europa, Tel Aviv – served with pickled cauliflower, green leaves, spicy nuts, and an Asian dressing. It was a great combination of textures and flavors but I would have liked more fish. The Celery cocktail was an unusual gin cocktail with homemade celery syrup, which we loved.

Sashimi Salad Cafe Europa

  • Fried Cauliflower @Raisa, Yaffo – during my friend’s week-long visit, this was our least favorite restaurant due to both the food and service, but the fried cauliflower was delicious. The small pieces of pan-fried cauliflower were served on a base of black tahini and green chili paste.  I would go back to this restaurant for drinks and bar snacks, but not dinner.


  • Fresh Tuna @Kitchen Market, Tel Aviv – a signature dish of the restaurant, the red tuna is plated like a piece of art, with strips of red tuna, cucumber, and beet wrapped around Asian aioli and yuzu dressing. It all works really well and was so much better than the other starters we ordered, which we found very disappointing.

Kitchen Market Tel Aviv Restaurant

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