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Israel Foodie Roundup August 2019

The summer may officially be over for many, but for those who live in Israel, we still have a few more months to enjoy.  This month sees the opening of a number of new street-food restaurants, as well as the opening of a new restaurant on the roof of Dizengoff Center.


Kababasta is a new mini kebab stall from the owners of Morris in Shuk Machane Yehuda. Each portion includes five mini arais (kebab in crispy pita) with options including standard Angus beef, lamb, goose breast, merguez sausage, chicken and brisket. I tried the Angus and goose which were both juicy and delicious.

Mistabra (Mehadrin) is a new café on Azza in Rehavia, Jerusalem. The menu includes some unusual dishes like Smoked Tuna, Buratta and Eggplant Parmigiana. As well as several vegan dishes, there is also the option for gluten-free pasta with all the pasta dishes. I am excited to try the Eggs Benedict (Florentine) as there are few places in Jerusalem that serve the real deal – full menu.

Framboise is a new French ice cream and crepe store on Agripas in Jerusalem (near the Agripas Hotel). For now, they only serve sweet crepes but they plan to offer savory crepes, made from traditional buckwheat.

Ishtabach has opened a second branch in Kfar Etzion.

David Laor in Mevaseret Zion is no longer just a bakery. The store has expanded and is now also a café serving delicacies which include truffle croissant with Gruyere or St Maure and pear jam, quiches, as well as his specialty cakes and tarts.

Vorka is a new restaurant in Lod by Dana Elharar of Master Chef. The restaurant mainly serves Burik with different fillings (Vorka is the Tunisian version of Burik, a crispier version of a bureka). Fillings include sweetbreads, Jerusalem mix, shakshuka and other meat and fish options. The restaurant also serves couscous and desserts.

River Bar in Rishon Le Zion has re-opened after renovating and is now kosher.

Mooshoo is a new cocktail bar underneath Caphe Hanoi which is a partnership between Chef Idan Peretz of Caphe Hanoi and Jasper Johns

Last month I reported that Chef Todd Aarons and James Openheimer, two of the original owners of Crave in Jerusalem had opened an American style food truck in Ramat Gan called Bodega. They have now opened a restaurant in Tel Aviv with the same name, behind Sarona Market. Chef Aarons will once again be serving his signature kosher bacon cheeseburger with lamb bacon and vegan cheese. For now, Bodega is open until 5pm most weekdays, except for Thursday when it closes at 11pm.

Ruchale café on Ben Yehuda is now called Jean Jaurès after the French politician.  It seems like it is the same owner and menu but the change just happened so I will check and report back.

Bella and Charlie bar is a kosher fast food bar outside Kfar Saba. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches and salads.

The Butcher & The Chef (Hakatzav Vehachef) is a meat shop in Afula which combines a butcher and a deli with a grill and a smoker.


Talbiye restaurant under the Jerusalem Theater is no longer part of the Machneyuda group. The restaurant will now be run independently by the chef. I am not sure what caused this separation but I always found Talbiye to lack the warm and efficient service, as well as the quality of food, that can be found in all other restaurants in the group.

Country Club TLV is a new Asian rooftop restaurant and bar on the roof of the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. Among the partners in this restaurant is Chef Omer Miller of Susu & Sons.

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Kitto Katto is a new Japanese restaurant on Dizengoff in Tel Aviv serving a variety of sushi, as well as ramen, gyoza, chirashi and tataki.

Joy Garden is a new restaurant in the Ramat Gan National Park. The breakfast menu is served until 12:30 when the menu changes to more of a bistro. They also plan to sell picnic baskets in the future.

Chateau du Roi is a new restaurant in the Galilee village of Mi’ilya housed inside a 250-year-old building.  The European style restaurant serves dishes like porcini mushroom risotto, lamb ravioli in pecorino sauce and beef tartare with quinoa and parmesan.



Hayouka Chef on Emek Refaim in Jerusalem has closed. I hope that we see Aviram Hayouka again as he is an incredibly talented chef, as well as a lovely person.

Café Naadi is moving to the bottom of Hillel in a few months. The original location will then close, which is a shame, but the new place looks to be much bigger.



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