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Debbest Dishes August 2019

Top 10 Debbest Dishes in August.

The Jerusalem Food Truck Festival and a BBQ pop-up were two Israel foodie highlights for August. I also spent a few days in Lisbon, but I will write a separate post about all the delicious food we demolished there. In chronological order, here are debbest dishes for August:

  • Veal Fillet @Valero (Kosher), Jerusalem – the two large medallions of Veal fillet were served on a bed of truffle mash, with a Merlot reduction and bok choy. The fillet was beautifully cooked with a rich flavor, even without the addition of the rich truffle mash and sauce the flavor but we didn’t feel that thee bok choy worked with the rest of the dish. It was a generous portion of 300g for NIS 152 which is a good price for that dish. Full review here.Veal Fillet Valero Kosher Jerusalem Restaurant
  • Mini Arais @Kababasta (Kosher), Jerusalem – this new place in the open shuk serves mini arais in portions of five, with a choice of fillings. I tried the regular Angus and the Angus/Goose mix. Both were juicy and tasty.Kababasta.Shuk.Kosher.Jerusalem
  • Tomahawk Steak @Dan Accadia (Kosher), Herzliya Pituach – the BBQ Nights pop-up on the hotel terrace was a meat fest with a huge variety of great cuts,  but my favorite was the Tomahawk. The Hanger Steak (Butcher’s Cut) was also perfectly juicy and full of flavor.  The buffet included fresh salads and an amazing dessert selection. All this with a view of the sunset over the Accadia Beach. The pop-up was only for two week, but look out for it next summer.

  • Tuna Tartare @Soho – Sushi & Bar (Not Kosher), Rishon LeZion – luckily we chose to share this starter as it was a generous portion. The cubed fresh tuna was served with avocado with a citrus dressing and ultra-thin slices of pickled lemon. All the sushi was very good and we totally over ordered, full menu here.

  • Meat Mezze @Malka Restaurant (Kosher), Tel Aviv – having been to Beit Romano last month, it is safe to say that the quality of the food at Eyal Shani’s kosher restaurant is as good as the non-kosher restaurant. The meat mezze included thin slices of cold roast beef, bresaola and another meat (possibly duck), with mustard and vegetable accompaniments.Meat Mezze Malka Kosher Eyal Shani.Tel Aviv
  • Smoked Brisket Baked Potato @HaCnaanit, AutoOchel (Kosher), Jerusalem – a charred baked potato, sat on a bed of pickled aioli, topped with slices of brisket, smoked with a coffee and spice rub. Some pieces of the brisket were tastier than others but this was the best dish of the three I tried at the festival.
  • Kubana @Yudale (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the piping hot, buttery, Yemenite bread came straight from the oven, with fresh tomato and schug dip. We demolished it within minutes. The only thing missing was the amazing house tahina.

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  • Burrata @Coco Bambino (Not Kosher), Tel Aviv- listed on the menu as Burrata for the Story, the creamy ball of burrata was served with olive tapenade and sun-dried tomato, on a bed of cherry tomatoes. It was probably the most Itaian item on the menu. We also really liked the White Drum Fish Bruschetta and the Oreo filled Sfinj.Burrata Coco Bambino Tel Aviv Restaurant

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