Debbest Dishes September 2019

This month included trips to the Golan and Galil, as well as a last supper at Meat Kitchen. If you want to receive updates as they happen, please follow me on instagram.

In no particular order, here are my best dishes for September:

  1. Asian Sirloin Salad @Touro (Kosher), Jerusalem – although I would have preferred some more steak in this salad, the mixture of tastes and textures were great and the salad dressing was particularly tasty. The entrecote steak and coconut malabi were also great.
  2. Baked Fish & Carciofi Ravioli @Talbiye (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the fish was well cooked and the artichoke ravioli in a tomato butter sauce was a great combination. It is also a lovely place to sit outside for an early dinner with a toddler.
  3. Japanese Schnitzel Sandwich @Nununu Dirty Dining (Not Kosher), Azrieli Tel Aviv – probably the crispiest schnitzel I have ever had and the drizzle of teriyaki sauce on top makes it even better. Pure indulgence.
  4. Nebraska Sirloin@Chloelys, Hilton Tel Aviv (Kosher) – beautifully platted with a Portobello mushroom, roasted beets and red wine sauce. I remembered from a previous visit that the chef tends to under-cook the steaks so I ordered medium well and it came a perfect medium. The Hazelnut Praline dessert was also delicious.
  5. Healthy Salmon @Ben HaMataim, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel (Kosher) – the salmon was moist inside, crispy on the top and was served with a large baked potato, quinoa and green beans. The dish was NIS 96 which is on the high end for a café but it was very filling.
  6. Beef Fillet @Gillis Steakhouse (Kosher), Moshav Nov, Golan – a visit to the Golan would not be complete without a meal at Gillis, which for me has to be the tastiest and juiciest fillet steak – full review here.
  7. Salad Platter @iCook – Doron Bar On (Not Kosher), Moshav HaYogev – an interesting farm-to-table chef restaurant. All the salads were made using home grown herbs and produce from local farmers.We also loved the Chocolate Cremeux dessert made with bitter chocolate and reduced red wine.
  8. Cinnamon Babka @Atalya (Dairy Not Kosher), Ein Kerem – this was my second time having Friday brunch at Atalya and even thought everything was  delicious but my favorite dishes once again were the cinnamon babka and cheese puffs – full review here.
  9. Tournedos Rossini @Meat Kitchen (Kosher), Tel Aviv – when I found out the restaurant was closing down, I had to go for one last meal. I also had a NIS 125 voucher to use so went for the beef fillet was topped with seared goose liver and served with truffle purée and an Amarena cherry sauce. I really hope they reopen someday or that the chef finds a different venture.
  10. Farmer’s Breakfast @Meshek Ofaimme (Tzohar), Jerusalem – two fried eggs served with roasted potatoes, onions, spinach and tomato, along with fresh cheese and mild harissa. The farm-to-table café with food from Ofaimme farm is a great place for breakfast any time of the day.

I had a few other meals in September that didn’t qualify for this list but are worth mentioning:

  • Croissant Chef (Kosher) – Cheese burger croissant made with Beyond Burger. Great new place for brunch or lunch in the shuk.
  • Haroeh Bacaffe (Kosher) – nice food, lovely setting. Worth going if you are in the area but not worth a special journey.
  • Carousela (Tzohar) – the food was pretty tasty but the 40 minute wait and terrible service reminded me why I never go there.

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