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Israeli Restaurants Succot 2019

Although most kosher restaurants around Israel have a succah, there are a few that do not have outside space in order to build one. Here is a list of kosher restaurants around Israel who have confirmed that they will have a succah this year. I have not included fast food restaurants or chains, with a few exceptions.

I will keep updating the list with additional information as I receive it, and will also create a seperate post with my recommendations for places to eat with a succah around Israel. It is important to note that many restaurants have a very small succah so be sure to make reservations!

In addition, most of the large hotels will have a spacious succah and typically allow outside guests to come and eat, both during chol hamoed and pre-paid for chag and shabbat.

Wishing everyone chag sameach and please keep us all updated with your foodie adventures!


Modi’in & Surroundings

Tel Aviv

Merkaz (Central)

  • Etnika – meat grill restaurant in Herzliya Pituach
  • Hamikdash – meat grill restaurant in Oshiland Mall, Kfar Saba
  • Kazan – French style meat brasserie in Ra’anana
  • Panko Sushi – sushi restaurant in Ra’anana
  • Sasha Coffee – coffee shop in Ra’anana
  • Souvlaki – Greek meat restaurant on the beach in Netanya



Restaurants without a Succah

This list does not include all the kosher restaurants in Israel, but I hope it is a helpful resource for both locals and tourists who are looking to enjoy a meal out over Succot.

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