Debbest Dishes October 2019

October was a busy month which included a spa day at Cramim, trips to the Galil, Haifa and Nazareth, and ended with a fabulous Israeli meal at a kosher restaurant in London.

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In chronological order, here are my best dishes for October:

  1. Breakfast @Cramim Spa Hotel (Kosher), Kiryat Anavim – the breakfast at Cramim is truly next level. There are so many dishes to choose from, it is impossible to try everything and the view of the Judean Hills is wonderfully relaxing.

  1. Cheese Fondue @Notre Dame Rooftop Restaurant (Not Kosher), Jerusalem – the view from the Notre Dame rooftop over East Jerusalem is magical and the Cheese Fondue is a rich and indulgent treat.
  1. Broccoli Quiche @Food Time Jerusalem (Mehadrin), Jerusalem – the delicious quiche was made on site by Ariel, the in-house Israeli-French chef. The pastry was crispy and flaky and the filling was rich and flavorful and was served with a small side salad – full post here.

  1. House Breakfast @Nadav Kinuhim (Dairy Not Supervised), Ramat Yishay- a mistake with Waze could have ruined a fun day out, but instead we discovered an amazing cafe. The typical Israeli breakfast was fresh and filling and I particularly loved the Hazelnut and Cream Cake that came in the bread basket. The bakery is kosher, however the cafe is dairy with no supervision.

  1. Olive and Basil Sourdough @Nadav Kinuhim (Kosher), Ramat Yishay – as well as an incredible selection of fresh cakes, the breads  are possibly the best I have had in Israel, especially the olive and basil sourdough. The bakery is kosher but the cafe is dairy with no supervision.

  1. Casino Salad @Casino de Paris (Dairy Not Supervised), Jerusalem – based in the middle of the Georgian shuk, the vegetables in this salad are always fresh and crispy and the grated cheese on top adds a layer of richness.
  1. Zeppola @Eataliano Dalla Costa (Not Kosher), Haifa – ricotta churros served with orange whipped cream, white chocolate cream, Mascarpone ice cream, Amarena cherries and cinnamon crumble. We loved the whole meal, but this dessert was the real highlight!

  1. Katayef @Abu Ashraf (Not Kosher), Nazareth – a delicious dessert which is normally served during Ramadan. However, this small cafe in the Old City of Nazareth serves it all year around. There is a choice of cheese or nut filling, so we had both, along with a tart, fresh lemonade.

  1. Balagan from Akko Market @Lux 13 (Not Kosher), Haifa – a generous fillet of meagre (stone-bass) fish, served on a freekeh risotto, with spinach, green beans and black eggplant cream, yoghurt and tahina. The plate looked like a painting and everything was delicious.

  1. Bone Marrow Frena @Delicatessen (Kosher), London  – the bone marrow is cooked inside a bread roll, so that some of it drips down and soaks into the bottom of the bread. It was topped with whole fried chili and served with tahina & grated tomato. It was also my favorite dish the last time I ate at Delicatessen.

I had a few other meals in October that didn’t qualify for this list but one is worth mentioning:

  • Moshe Segev Kosher Netanya  – the service was very friendly and efficient and the home-made fries were possibly the best I have had in Israel. While nothing tasted bad, the beef in the steak and burger both lacked real flavor. Convenient if you are in the area but definitely not worth a special journey and disappointing, based on the price and hype.

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