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Toasting the Best of Israeli Wines at TerraVino 2019

Last week the 14th TerraVino Israel competition took place at the Cramim Spa Hotel in Kiryat Anavim near Jerusalem. I was honored to be invited to witness the judging process of the competition, which involved the blind tasting of over 600 wines and spirits by 40 wine judges from Israel and abroad. The anonymous scoring and feedback were then reviewed by a panel of lawyers before the final calculations were made and the awards allocated.

Although the majority of the wines submitted for judging were from Israeli wineries (328), this year also included 82 submissions from wineries around the world, including Australia, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and USA.

Here is a short video of the judging from TerraVino 2016:

The three-day competition culminated in a reception and award ceremony at Cramim, attended by Israeli winery owners, wine-makers, and other key figures in the wine industry.

Here are the results of some of the awards for TerraVino 2019:



The following Israeli red wines were awarded a Double Gold Medal:

No Israeli white wines were awarded a double gold medal, but there were some in the silver and gold categories. The full list of all the award winners can be found on the TerraVino winner’s page.

It is amazing to see how the Israeli wine industry has developed over the last few years, and how it continues to grow. While most of the winning wineries were familiar to me, there were some names that were new and I am excited to discover their wines.

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