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Judean Hills Wine Festival 2019

The 21st Judean Hills/Mateh Yehudah Wine Festival

The 21st annual Judean Hills Wine Festival kicks off on Thursday, 5 December 2019 with a large event at Park Mini Israel featuring tastings from around 30 local wineries.

The event will also have food stalls, live jazz music and wine workshops. Tickets cost NIS 60 per person for entry to the festival or NIS 130 with a shuttle bus from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. There is also the option to attend a kosher wine workshop for an additional NIS 60 per person. Tickets can be purchased on the wine festival website.

Participating kosher wineries include: Agur, Bravdo, Domaine du Castel, Ella Valley, Flam, KatlavMetzuda, Mony, NevoRamaRaviv and Yaffo.

Among the non-supervised wineries at the event will be: Carma, KadmaKerem Barak, Sea Horse (Sus Yam), Soreq, Sphera, Srigim, Yehuda and Zafririm.

Srigim Winery-Mateh Yehuda-Israel

The wine festival continues throughout the month of December with weekend winery events.

Each Friday during the festival will feature a tour of a few local wineries, starting at 10 am from the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council next to Moshav Naham and ending at 2 pm. The cost of each tour is NIS 100 per person.

Eshkol & Latrun Area Tour – Friday 6 December

Adulam and Ella Valley Tour – Friday 13 December

Ella Valley, Sorek Valley and the Judean Mountains Tour – Friday 20 December

Eshkol Tour – Friday 27 December


Other events during the festival include:

More information about the launch event, wine tours, and other events, can be found on the Judean Hills Wine Festival website.

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