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Debbest Dishes December 2019

Top 10 Debbest Dishes in December.

It has been a busy month with family and friends visiting for Hanukkah. Although most of the dishes this month were in Jerusalem, I did venture outside the Holy City a few times. In chronological order, below are Debbest dishes for December.

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  1. Eggs Benedict @Mistabra (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. Nice to find good eggs benedict in a local cafe. However, eventhough the food and service were good, I found it is expensive for what it was.
  2. Grilled Chicken Lachuch @Aden (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. The small Yemenite stall in Shuk Machane Yehuda recently started serving meat and the grilled chicken and salad wrapped in the  fluffy lachuch is a great combination.Grilled Chicken Breast Lachuch Aden Mehadrin Jerusalem
  3. Mac & Cheese Pizza @Pizza Pompia (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. We ordered the pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil, which made it extra delicious. The pizza base was a bit too thin in the middle to hold the pasta, but the taste was great and the crust was crispy and doughy! A perfect late-night snack with friends.Mac & Cheese Pizza, Pizza Pompia Jerusalem Mehadrin
  4. Fish Bowl @Sushiya, Jerusalem. Such a simple, yet delicius sushi bowl. Sushiya has the best sushi in Jerusalem.
  5. Chestnut Sufganiyah @Gourmandises by Yoel (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. All the sufganiyot were beautifully decorated and delicious, but the chestnut was my favorite and the candied/toffee apple was a close second.Gourmandises Sufganiyot Hanukkah Jerusalem
  6. Spicy Tuna Sushi @Queen Lu (Kosher), Ra’anana. Very good quality kosher sushi, as good as Minato, if not better. We also really liked the Som Tam (green papaya salad) as a starter and my friend enjoyed her stir fried chicken with home-made flat rice noodles.Sushi Queen Lu Kosher Raanana
  7. Pargit Skewer @Grill Bar (Badatz), Jerusalem. Hatzot is normally my go-to shipud place but I needed a place in the city center for a large group and Grill Bar was the perfect option. The salads were all delicious and the grilled pargit was perfectly juicy.Salad Mezze - Grill Bar -Badatz - Jerusalem
  8. Chicken Pastille @Hamotzi (Kosher), Jerusalem. I always like this dish and although there was not much chicken inside, the sweet flavor and crispy pastry were a great combination.Chicken Pastille, Hamotzi Jerusalem Kosher
  9. Sea Fish Tataki @Jacko’s Street (Kosher), Jerusalem. The slightly seared salmon was served with Asian pistachio sauce, cucumber caviar and yuzu. I love the combination of flavors in this dish and is my go-to light starter before a nice juicy steak.Sea Fish Tataki Kosher Restaurant Jacko's Jerusalem
  10. Dulche de Leche Sufganiyah @Nadav Kinuhim (Dairy, Not Supervised), Ramat Yishay. There is no question that I saved the best for last this Hanukkah. Some may remember that I went to Nadav Kinuchim for the first time back in October (Debbest Dishes October). The dulche de leche was thick and creamy and the dough was fresh and well cooked.Suganiyah Nadav Kinuchim Ramat Yishay

I had a few other meals in December that didn’t qualify for this list but are worth mentioning:

  • Angus Burger @Josef Burger (Kosher), Jerusalem. Served medium, it is my favorite fast-food burger.
  • Mushroom Pizza @Pizzeria Flora, Jerusalem. I like sitting down in Flora as thereis a fun atmosphere and good food. I prefer Craft Pizza as the base is sourdough but Flora is a better option for sitting with friends.
  • Steak and Chips @MapuPrima City Hotel (Kosher), Tel Aviv. The steak had a good flavor but I would have preferred the fat to be rendered crispy. The chips were handmade and perfectly soft inside. Read more about Mapu here.

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