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Top 10 Pizza Places in Jerusalem

A Selection of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Jerusalem.

Before discussing which are the best pizza places in Jerusalem, I need to make one important caveat. I grew up in London where pizza is Italian food. Just like hummus and falafel in the middle east, everyone has their favorite place and you will never get everyone to agree. So I want to make it very clear that this is my personal selection. My criteria for good pizza are a nice crispy base, good flavor sauce and fresh and gooey cheese.

Here is my list of the best pizzas in Jerusalem:

  1. La Piedra (Mehadrin)

In my option, La Piedra is the best pizza restaurant in Jerusalem. As well as enjoying the pizza, I also like the salads, which are perfect to share along with the pizza. It is a nice and cozy place for dinner. They do not deliver but do offer take away. Pizzas range in price from NIS 38 to 60. La Piedra English menu can be found here.

La Piedra, 1 Agron Street, 1 700 505 678.

  1. Craft Pizza (Mehadrin)

Craft Pizza serves pizza by the slice, with a great flavor and lovely sourdough base. As well as traditional options, more unusual toppings include grilled courgette, beetroot, kalamata olives, pineapple and chili, with a great spicy salsa on the side. A slice of margherita pizza is NIS 14.

They will soon be opening a new branch on Shlomtzion HaMalka, near the corner with Yafo. It will be a sit-down restaurant featuring a custom-made coal oven. As well as their delicious sourdough pizza, the restaurant will also serve pies and salads.

Free delivery for orders over NIS 90, 11 am – 10 pm, Craft Pizza online menu.

Craft Pizza, 12 HaTapuach Street, Shuk Machane Yehuda, 02 663 3847.

Craft Pizza Mehadrin Jerusalem Mushroom Pizza

  1. Pizzeria Flora (Dairy Not Supervised)

The original branch of Pizzeria Flora near the shuk has a fun atmosphere and good food. The traditional Neapolitan pizza is available with a selection of fixed toppings, including my favorite portobello mushrooms, champignon & truffle oil (NIS 57). You can also build your own pizza with the usual classic toppings, as well as some more interesting toppings such as zucchini, garlic confit, blue cheese, asparagus and soft boiled egg. They also serve amazing complimentary home-made chocolate truffles with the bill.

Insider tip: if you prefer a bar vibe, you can sit in HaTipa bar next to Flora HaDekel branch and have your pizza delivered to the bar.

Flora has a second branch on Rehov Azza which is larger than the original branch. Flora English menu can be found here.

Pizzeria Flora, 2 HaDekel Street, 02 622 2216; 25 Azza Street, 02 664 5533, delivery available.

  1. Partigiano Pizza (Kosher)

This relatively new pizza place is run by an Italian oleh from Rome and serves rectangular-shaped pizza by the slice. Popular toppings include seasoned potato, four cheese, mozzarella and pesto, and mushroom. They also serve pasta, lasagna, arancini and panzerotti. A slice of margherita is NIS 10 or 60 for the pie. Pizza with toppings is NIS 15 a slice, 2 slices for 25 and 70 a pie.

Delivery in central Jerusalem for a minimum of NIS 100.

Partigiano Pizza, 21 Ben Yehuda Street, 050 394 7478.

Partigiano Pizza Kosher Jerusalem

  1. Pizza Pompia (Mehadrin)

Located close to the bars on Midrochov Ben Shetach, Pizza Pompia is perfect for pre-drinks dinner or a late-night snack with friends. There are a few tables inside and outside, but it has a very chilled setting and is not a proper restaurant. The pizza base has a wide crust and thin base. I tried the macaroni cheese pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil, which made it extra delicious. The pizza base was a bit too thin in the middle to hold the pasta, but the taste was great and the crust was crispy and doughy.

Pizza Pompia, 3 Shimon Ben Shetach Street, 02 509 5245, – it is possible the store has closed.

Mac & Cheese Pizza, Pizza Pompia Jerusalem Mehadrin

  1. P2 (Not Kosher)

P2 serves Italian thin-crust pizza in the heart of Jerusalem and they also have gluten-free pizza. Other interesting dishes include panzanella salad, calzone and gnocchi. The P2 English menu is available on their website, and every dish can be ordered as a vegan or gluten-free option for no extra charge. They recently started delivering to most of Jerusalem.

Delivery charge of NIS 15 to Rehavia, Talbieh, Baka, German Colony, Rasco, Nayot & City Center. Delivery charge of NIS 25 to Beit Hakerem & Arnona, midday to 9 pm,  02 563 5555.

P2, 36 Keren Hayesod Street, 02 563 5555. The restaurant is open on shabbat but they do not deliver.

  1. Domino’s Pizza (Not Kosher)

The chef pizza by Asaf Granit at Domino’s Pizza are pretty good but their customer service is appalling and they frequently make mistakes with the deliveries so be aware of this when ordering from them. Online ordering is only in Hebrew.

Domino’s Pizza, 122 Herzl Boulevard; 1 Etsel Street; 25 Rivka Street, 1700 70 70 70

  1. Chili Pizza (Not Kosher)

Chili Pizza has been around for several years. The fast-food place serves a traditional range of toppings to satisfy non-kosher consumers, such as ham and pineapple, pepperoni and cheese, bacon and eggs, and spicy beef and sweetcorn. They have ready-made pizzas by the slice and but the freshly made individual pizzas are much better, although I find the base undercooked. They also have some pasta and dessert on the menu.

Delivery  7 days a week, order online. Chili Pizza English menu.

Chili Pizza, 28 Hillel Street, 02 625 4040

Other places with good pizza on the menu:

  1. Waffle Factory (Kosher)

It might be best known for desserts, but the main menu at Waffle Factory has some great options.  I particularly like the sautéed mushroom pizza (NIS 66) which is full of flavor and is a great white-base pizza. More pizza options can be found on the Waffle Factory English menu and a full review here.

Waffle Factory, Cinema City, 10 Sderot Yitshak Rabin, 02 625 5906; 24 Emek Refaim Street, 02 567 2049

  1. Food Time Jerusalem (Mehadrin)

Food Time is an Italian-style social cafe in conjunction with the Shekel Association. Their pizza has a sourdough crust, which is perfectly crispy on the bottom while still being slightly doughy. It is on a par with some of the best pizzas in Jerusalem. You can read a full review of Food Time Jerusalem here.

Food Time Jerusalem, 11 Yad Harutzim Street, 050 436 2885

Food Time JLM Mehadrin Pizza

I hope that this post is helpful in providing tips on where to eat pizza in Jerusalem. For more information on where to eat in Jerusalem, check out The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Jerusalem.

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  1. A major omission is Red Pizza in the German Colony. It’s mix of sauce and cheese is perfect. My wife is from New Haven Connecticut which has the best pizza in the world and she agrees with your number 1, but Red is definitely #2. You should try it.

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