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Deb’best Dishes February 2020

Top 10 Israeli Foodie Dishes in February.

Winter might not be fully over but as the weather improved, I ventured out a lot more and was able to explore some fun new restaurants. I made the most of Darom Adom with visits to some restaurants in the south, including Ratatui in Emunim and Armonim in the new Dream Island Spa & Resort.  In chronological order, below are Debbest 10 Israeli foodie dishes for February.

  1. Labaneh @Agro Cafe (Badatz), Moshav Srigim near Bet Shemesh. There is a full menu but we just had a small snack. The coffee is amazing and they help coffee farmers in third world countries with their irrigation systems.Labaneh - Agro Cafe - Badatz - Beit Shemesh
  2. Salmon and Risotto @Ratatui (Kosher), Moshav Emunim.  My salmon and risotto dish was delicious and my friend’s pasta was good but I wouldn’t run back unless I was in the area. It was expensive and the service was very sporadical. I am sure in the summer it is much nicer and there are lots of options for private events.Salmon with Risotto - Ratatui - Moshav Emunim - Kosher
  3. Farmers Breakfast @Meshek Ofaimme (Tzohar), Hansen House, Jerusalem. Two fried eggs served with roasted potatoes, onions, spinach and tomato, along with fresh cheese and mild harissa. The farm-to-table café with food from Ofaimme farm is a great place for breakfast at any time of the day.
  4. Rotisserie Chicken @Rotisserie Chicken Club (Kosher), Sarona Market, Tel Aviv.  Whole rotisserie chicken with potatoes that are roasted under the chicken. It was very tasty but the skin was not crispy at all.
  5. Corned Beef Kubala @GG Kubala (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. The corned beef was amazingly succulent and worked so well in the Kubala roll, which is a cross between Yemenite kubaneh and challah. The kebab sandwich is also delicious.Corned Beef Kubala - GG Kubala - Machne Group - Jerusalem
  6. Four Cheese Gnocchi @Calata 15 (Not Kosher), Herzlia Pituach. The small gnocchi squares were incredibly light and fluffy. Calata 15 is a wonderful authentic Italian restaurant with impeccable and friendly service. The Burrata was also amazing.Four Cheese Gnocchi - Calata 15 - Italian Restaurant - Herzliya Pituach
  7. Crème Brulee @Poupée (Not Kosher), Tel Aviv. We loved the decor at this new trendy restaurant, our waiter was amazing, and the food was very tasty and well cooked. However, the hostess at the entrance was so rude and stuck up, the portions were very small for the price and we left hungry.Creme Brulee - Poupee Restaurant - Tel Aviv
  8. Breakfast Platter @Ikar Haaretz (Kosher), Beit Nekofa. A lovely fresh breakfast in a simple, relaxed cafe.  The food was very good but the service was not great, such a shame that service can let down a good experience.
  9. Pappardelle Champignon @Shvilim (Kosher), Moshav Tal Shahar. The pasta was perfectly cooked, with a truffle, chestnut and mushroom cream sauce. I liked the fact that there was not too much cream in the sauce so it was rich but not overly heavy.Shvilim - Tal Shahar - Kosher - Restaurant
  10. Liver Pate @Armonim, (Kosher), Dream Island Spa & Resort, Sde Yoav. The two slices of smooth liver pate were served with toasted brioche which had a slightly smoky taste to it. The pate was topped with Amarena cherries and toasted nuts. We loved every part of our meal and the service was incredibly attentive and friendly.Liver Pate - Armonim - Kosher - Sde Yoav

I had a few other meals in February that didn’t qualify for this list but are worth mentioning:

  • Korean Beef Udon Noodles @Japan Japan (Kosher). It was a nice stir fry dish but I found it a bit too sweet and they did not use real udon noodles, which is a shame as I love real udon noodles! (Full Japan Japan English menu).
  • Beef Hot Dog @Zalman’s Chef Hotdogs (Mehuderet), Jerusalem. Everyone raves about Zalman’s so I felt that I had to try their hotdogs. It was good, but no better than many other places and at the end of the day, it is a hotdog, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. But then I am British and I prefer sausages over hotdogs anyday!

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