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Restaurant Delivery in Jerusalem

A Selection of Delivery Restaurants in Jerusalem.

Here is information about some of the popular restaurant delivery options in Jerusalem. I will keep updating this information as things develop and please let me know if you have information to add/remove as I know some places have already stopped delivering.

I hope that everyone stays healthy and safe.

If you are looking for information on food shopping in Jerusalem, check out my post: Jerusalem Stay Home Food Shopping Guide. For information on kosher restaurants around Israel, read my post: Kosher Delivery Around Israel.

Chef Restaurants

Burger & Meat Restaurants

Dairy Restaurants

Pizza Restaurants 

For more information on other pizza restaurants in Jerusalem, read more here, Top 10 Pizza Places in Jerusalem.

Sushi Restaurants

  • Atza (Badatz Rubin) – order online in English or call 02 502 6232. Delivery charge of NIS 15, minimum order of NIS 70.
  • Jacko’s Son (Kosher) – order online or call 02 581 7178. Delivery charge of NIS 20, midday to 10 pm.
  • Japanika (Kosher) – delivery as normal.
  • Oran Ad HaBayit (Kosher no supervision) – Oran Ben Moyal, a hugely talented sushi chef, is making sushi from home, menu online, 054 579 9869.Oren Ad Habayit - Sushi Delivery - Jerusalem
  • Oshi Oshi (Badatz Beit Yosef) –  delivery charge of NIS 15, 10% discount on delivery menu. Order online.
  • Sushi Rehavia (Kosher) – delivery from the German Colony branch only. Minimum order of NIS 100 and NIS 12 delivery.
  • SushiYa Bezalel (Kosher) – English menu online,  02 625 9055.Sushi Bowl - SushiYa - Kosher - Jerusalem

Not Kosher

  • Burger Room JLM (Not Kosher) –  minimum order of NIS 80, delivery cost NIS 15, order online or by 02 540 8484.
  • Cafe Yehoshua (Not Kosher) – 02 563 2898.
  • Chili Pizza (Not Kosher) – deliveries by phone, 11 am to 3 am, 7 days a week.
  • Dolphin Yam (Not Kosher) – Sea Dolphin English menu,  02 623 2272 (#1) or Moshiko 052 286 6642.
  • GG Kubala (Not Kosher) – street food by Machneyuda,  menu online, 054 343 9332.

    Kebab Kubala - GG Kubala - Jerusalem (Credit-Shuli Reshet)

    GG Kubala. Credit: Shuli Reshet

  • Menza (Not Kosher) – menu online, minimum order of NIS 100, delivery charge NIS 15, 02 625 5222.
  • P2 (Not Kosher) – pizza and pasta, with lots of vegan and gluten-free options, P2 English menu. Delivery charge of NIS 15 to Rehavia, Talbieh, Baka, German Colony, Rasco, Nayot & City Center. Delivery charge of NIS 25 to Beit Hakerem & Arnona,  02 563 5555.
  • Pergamon (Vegetarian, Not Kosher) – delivery all over Jerusalem, Mevaseret, Beit Zait, and Motza, every day until 5 pm, call or WhatsApp 050 684 3988, delivery charge of NIS 15.
  • Satya (Not Kosher) – delivery midday to 9 pm, orders by phone 02 650 6808. Satya Hebrew menu.
  • Talbiye (Not Kosher) – order by phone or WhatsApp 052 577 5112.
  • Zuni (Not Kosher) – delivery minimum order NIS 90, full menu online, 02 625 7776.

There are lots of other restaurant delivery options in Jerusalem available on Mishlohim, 10 Bis and Food to You.

I hope that this post is helpful in providing tips on restaurant delivery in Jerusalem. For more information on where to eat in Jerusalem, check out The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Jerusalem.

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