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Support Now & Save Later – Corona Restaurant Vouchers

Buy Restaurant Vouchers Now and Save Money Later.

During the Corona lockdown, the restaurant industry has been badly affected. While some restaurants have been able to adapt and offer takeaway and delivery services, many restaurants were not set up for this service and were forced to close their doors completely. That is where Corona restaurant vouchers come to the rescue.

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In order to ensure that they will be able to open those doors once again when the restrictions are lifted, restaurants around the country have set up Headstart campaigns with a selection of restaurant vouchers. The campaigns allow customers to purchase vouchers for various amounts for future drinks, meals and even group dinners at restaurants. In return for your economic support now, the restaurants are offering a discount on your meal in the future, as well as some culinary workshops and experiences.

While not everyone is in a position to take part in such a program, those that can will help ensure that some of our favorite restaurants stay open, and will also be able to enjoy a discounted meal when we can finally return to eating out.

Support them now and save money later.

The list below includes the highlights of the vouchers on offer at each restaurant:


  • Adom (Not Kosher) – alcohol and cocktail workshop or wine workshop and tasting menu.
  • Anna (Kosher) – your favorite dessert for ten or a day in the kitchen (same owners as Mona, scroll down for Anna).
  • Bab al-YemenCarousela  – breakfast for two, jachnun and beer, private lesson with Shai Tsabari.
  • Ben Ami Cafe (Mehadrin) – they are still open for delivery.
  • Burger Market (Kosher) – dinner for two.
  • Gatsby (Not Kosher) – all you can drink for two or cocktail workshop.
  • Gourmandises (Mehadrin) – a voucher for a lone soldier, birthday cake,  French baking workshop.
  • Jacko’s Street & Jacko’s Son (Kosher) – a bottle of their new house rose, gin & tonic tasting for four or Jacko at home for ten.
  • Mona (Not Kosher) – Mona at home or a yearly subscription of 12 dinners for two.
  • Studio Arcadia (Not Kosher) – fish workshop, children’s cooking workshop or Master Class with Chef Ezra Kedem.
  • Tmol Shilshom (Kosher) – breakfast for two or Lady & the Tramp dinner.
  • Waffle Factory (Kosher) – member’s club, birthday celebration or family meal for five.

Waffle Factory Jerusalem Kosher Dessert Platter

Tel Aviv

Rest of Israel

  • 101 & Friends, Haifa (Not Kosher) – a crate of beer or breakfast for two.
  • Alma, Ashdod (Not Kosher) – brunch, cocktails for two or dinner for two.
  • Benny Hadayag, Rishon LeZion – dinner for two, VIP event for 20.
  • Cafeneto, Raanana (Kosher) – breakfast for two or private event for 40.
  • Hamikdash, Kfar Saba (Kosher) – meat tasting menu for two, private romantic meal, wine-tasting workshop at home.

Hamikdash - Meat - Kfar Saba - Kosher

I am sure more restaurants will be setting up similar campaigns so I will keep the list updated.

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