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Top 10 Kosher Private Dining in Tel Aviv

A Selection of the Best Kosher Private Dining Rooms in Tel Aviv.

Whether you are celebrating with family and friends, or are organizing an intimate business event, there are a variety of options for kosher private dining in Tel Aviv. This article will discuss the sizes and prices for private rooms, where relevant, and my personal experience from organizing or attending events at these restaurants.

Private events and group meals normally have a fixed-price menu. For smaller groups, most restaurants will allow diners to choose from a limited set menu. For larger groups, the menu is agreed upon in advance and served in the center of the table. There will normally be a variety of fixed-priced drinks packages, depending on what level of drinks you want to serve. Prices are quoted on a per-person basis and can exclude VAT and service, so always check before finalizing a booking.

Top 10 Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv & Herzliya

Here is my list of the best private dining rooms in kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv:

  1. Darya, Hilton Tel Aviv

Darya recently replaced Chloelys but the restaurant has the same layout, with a sea view that is especially impressive at sunset. The menu is described as modern silk road cuisine, a fusion of the Far East and Mediterranean food. The food and service are exceptional, one of the best kosher restaurants I have ever eaten in. The private room is located off the main restaurant, separated by sliding doors. It holds up to 40 guests, with 24 on a single long table.

Darya, Hilton Tel Aviv, 205 HaYarkon Street, +972 3 520 2127 

  1. Sereia

Sereia is a dairy and fish restaurant in The David Kempinski hotel. The private room off the restaurant holds up to 22 people. The room is spacious with natural daylight. There is a choice to choose a menu from Sereia restaurant or to have a meat menu from The Common. I organized a breakfast and a meat dinner in this room – the service and the food were excellent for both events.

Sereia, The David Kempinski, 51 HaYarkon Street, +972 74 766 2710.

  1. Malka by Eyal Shani

Malka is Chef Eyal Shani‘s first kosher restaurant, with a similar rustic style to his other restaurants. Shani is great at making a vegetable the hero of the dish, as well as creating elevated street-food dishes.

The private room holds up to 45 people for a cocktail party, 20 people on two square tables, or up to 18 on one long table. There is a minimum spend of NIS 300 per person and all the food is served in the middle of the table on brown paper for sharing. The restaurant has an informal style but can still work well for business events.

Malka, 2 Dafna Street, Tel Aviv, +972 3 609 1331.

  1. Fish Market By Meatos

The restaurant is an Israeli take on a Greek tavern, with a selection of fish and dairy dishes on the menu. It is a great location for a business lunch or dinner with friends and family. The setting and decor are stylish but informal and there is a good vibe in the restaurant. The two private rooms hold 15 or 26 people.

Fish Market By Meatos33 Sderot Shaul Hamelech, +972 3 693 2002.

Mezze - Fish Market by Meatos - Kosher - Tel Aviv

  1. West Side, Royal Beach Tel Aviv

The food and service at West Side are the best in Tel Aviv and it is the perfect setting for a business or formal meal. The restaurant offers two private dining options. For a private dinner of 10 to 22 people, there is a long table that is curtained off from the main restaurant.

Larger private events can be held on the left side of the restaurant which is separate from the main restaurant by the open kitchen. There is also an option for a cocktail reception in the bar area opposite the kitchen or on the terrace overlooking the beach. Although there are no doors to close this area, it is a beautiful space for private events. The section holds between 20 and 70 people. The food at West Side is always delicious and the wait staff goes above and beyond to ensure a successful event.

West Side, Royal Beach Tel Aviv, 19 HaYarkon Street, +972 3 740 5054, rt-rest@isrotel.co.il.

  1. Meatkitchen

The restaurant relocated to the Namal in early 2020 and has a large private room that holds 30 to 120 people. The menu starts at NIS 250 per person with the starters and desserts served in the center of the table and the guests can choose from a selection of main courses with individual portions. Although the focus of the restaurant is on aged steaks, there are also some great fish and vegetarian options.

Meatkitchen, 4 Yoseph Yekutiel Street, Hangar 27, Namal Tel Aviv, +972 52 533 3771.

  1. Fishkitchen

Don’t let the entrance to the restaurant fool you as the inside is beautifully decorated. The private rooms are well-equipped with full privacy.  The private room holds 15 – 30 people. The menu includes a variety of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern fish and vegetarian dishes.

Fishkitchen, 10 Hataasia Street,  +972  3 562 9900.

  1. Whiskey Bar & Museum

Whiskey Bar & Museum (Tzohar) has a private room for up to 45 people on a mezzanine level overlooking the main restaurant. The food is normally very good but the service can be very temperamental and it is not soundproofed from the noise of the restaurant.

Whiskey Bar & Museum, Sarona Complex, +972 3 955 1105.

  1. Meatos

Meatos has a large event space that holds up to 90 people.

Meatos, 2 Weizmann Street, +972 3 693 2002.

  1. Sushi Bazel

Sushi Bazel is a sushi restaurant in the lobby of the Prima Hotel Tel Aviv. The conservatory off the restaurant can be hired for private events for 20-60 people.

Sushi Bazel, Prima Hotel Tel Aviv, 9 Mapu Street, +972 77 996 8444.

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