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Debbest Dishes June 2020

Top 10 Israeli Foodie Dishes in June.

This is the first Debbest Dishes post that I have written since February and it is exciting to be able to eat out more and explore new places. I am still not 100% comfortable eating inside restaurants, so most of the experiences below are from takeaway or sitting outside.

In chronological order, below are Debbest foodie dishes for June.

  1. Roast Beef Frena @Just Meat (Kosher), Jerusalem. The sandwiches at Just Meat are amazing because the home-made bread is so delicious.  The roast beef was slightly overdone this time but it was still really good.
  2. Corn Beef Kubala @GG Kubala (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. Over the last few months I have tried most of the sandwiches on the menu but I always come back to the corn beef. The meat is juicy and falls apart. It goes really well with the chipotle aioli and strong mustard. The store is not kosher but meat is. Corn Beef Kubala - GG Kubala - Jerusalem
  3. Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream @Golda Ice Cream (Kosher), Jerusalem. A new branch of Golda opened on Agripas when the lockdown was lifted. As a lactard, I love finding great quality vegan ice cream and prefer when it is not soy-based. They have a vegan oreo ice cream which is very sweet but I prefer the dark chocolate flavor.Vegan Dark Chocolate - Golda Ice Cream - Jerusalem
  4. Camembert Focaccia @Tzemah (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. The food at the Machneyuda restaurants is always so creative, using the best ingredients and interesting combinations of taste and textures; Tzemah is no exception. As well as the camembert focaccia, we also loved the watermelon fatush salad and eggplant brulée.
  5. Coconut Malabi @Tzemah (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. I love malabi and generally prefer coconut malabi to the dairy version. The Tzemah dessert was the perfect texture and balance of flavors.
  6. Camembert Sandwich @Mistabra (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. A simple sandwich but the fresh bread and good quality cheese made it more special.
  7. London Mule @Dekel (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. I decided to make the most of the Dekel happy hour by ordering two London mules which were light and refreshing.
  8. Red Tuna Sashimi @Dekel (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. The sashimi was served with plum salsa and frozen grapes. The grapes gave a great freshness to the simple dish.
  9. Pappardelle Cacio Peppe @Zotti (Kosher), Kiryat Anavim. I love cacio peppe and I haven’t found it in many places in Israel, so I was excited to order it at Zotti, a new Italian restaurant outside Jerusalem. The pasta was delicious and perfectly cooked. The sauce tasted really good but the cheese was a bit congealed. I am so impressed by new restaurants that have opened since the lockdown was lifted and want to do my best to support them.Papardelle Cacio Peppe - Zotti - Kiryat Anavim - Kosher
  10. Bakery Breakfast @Efrat Bakery (Kosher), Kiryat Anavim. The traditional Israeli breakfast was elevated by the bread basket which included two types of freshly baked bread and a slice of cake. I loved the seed bread so much, I bought a loaf to take home with me.Bakery Breakfast - Efrat Bakery - Kosher - Kiryat Anavim

I also checked out Dialna Frena Bar, a new street-food bar near Shuk Machane Yehuda. The bar is beautifully decorated with a lovely outdoor area. I tried the Sweetbread and the Veal Cheek Frena. Out of the two, I preferred the sweetbread but I didn’t think the frena was not as good as Just Meat.

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