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Debbest Foodie Dishes July 2020

Debbest Top 10 Israeli Foodie Dishes in July.

Amazingly it feels almost normal to be eating in restaurants, although I still prefer sitting outside. I was mostly in Jerusalem in July, but I promise August will be full of dishes from all over Israel!

In chronological order, below are Debbest foodie dishes for July.

  1. Sushi Platter @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem. The best thing about sushi platters is that you can sample pieces from all the different rolls on the menu. A perfect sushi platter for a party.
  2. Asado Sandwich @Bruno Sandwich (Kosher), Jerusalem. People have been raving about this place so when I found myself nearby one evening, I stopped by for a takeaway. The service was very slow with the same person taking the orders and making the sandwiches. She seemed focused on schmoozing with guests, which is fine if you don’t work in a fast-food restaurant. The sandwich was very tasty but I would not go out of my way to eat there.Bruno Sandwich - Asado Sandwich - Kosher - Jerusalem
  3. Cardamon Bullar @Fika (Tzohar), Tel Aviv. Fika Swedish bakery has started delivering to Jerusalem every other Thursday. Bullar is a sweet yeast bun, less flaky and more bread-like than a Danish pastry. Cardamom is such a unique flavor for a European pastry and goes really well with a nice strong coffee. Full review here.Fika Swedish Bakery - Cardamon Bulle - Kosher
  4. Angus Burger @ Josef Burger (Kosher), Jerusalem. I ordered a delivery from Josef for the first time and I could not believe how quickly it arrived. The burger was still very hot, although I think it was slightly less juicy than normal as the bread soaked up some of the meat juice. The chicken wings were also amazing.
  5. Kubabka @GG Kubala (Not Kosher), Jerusalem.  The deliciously decadent Kubabka is a Kubala roll, stuffed and topped with cinnamon toffee and cheese mousse.Kubabka - GG Kubala - Jerusalem - Not Kosher
  6. Caesar Salad @Cafe Yehoshua (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. It is rare that I look at the salad menu at a cafe and want to order every item on the menu. The salad was delicious and the service was very friendly and attentive.
  7. Cocktail @Thinker’s Distillery (Kosher), Jerusalem. I organized a group tasting at a new distillery near the shuk in Jerusalem. We all started with a choice of a gin cocktail, made with one of their two gins. I highly recommend arranging a tasting.
  8. Mozzarella Toast @ Wine Bar (Not Kosher), Jerusalem. Although is it mostly busy at night, the Wine Bar is open for lunch. It is a relaxing place for a coffee and sandwich during the day in the Rehavia area.
  9. Burrata @Zotti (Kosher), Kiryat Anavim. The ball of fresh cheese was served with sliced pears and roasted pistachio. It was also nice to be able to sit on a large terrace.Burrata - Zotti - Kosher - Kiryat Anavim
  1. Breakfast Platter@Ikar Haaretz (Kosher), Beit Nekofa. Nice fresh breakfast in a simple, relaxed cafe.  They were busy with lots of large families and there were not enough staff. We had to ask for extra salad dressing three times and by the time it arrived, we had finished.Breakfast - Ikar Haaretz - Beit Nekofa - Kosher

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