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Israel Foodie News Roundup August 2020

Foodie news and reviews on the Israel culinary scene.

I am excited to say that this month’s roundup has far more good news than bad. Although there may be more restaurant closings to come, for now, it seems that the Israeli restaurant market is slowly bouncing back.

Based on the search terms and page views on my blog, Israelis are still regularly searching for delivery options, so I have tried to keep these delivery posts updated, Restaurant Delivery in Jerusalem and Kosher Delivery Around Israel.

If you have traveled around the country this month and tried some good restaurants, please remember to report back either by commenting on this article or a post on  Restaurant Club Israel.

Here is a list of new restaurants and food stores around Israel:


  • Aka is a Turkish kebab restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda, opposite Rachmo. The kebabs are served in a Lavash Flatbread with the option to add parev yogurt, among other toppings.

Aka - Doner Kebab - Kosher - Jerusalem

  • Burger Legends in Hadera has a varied burger menu, including the Black Mamba served in a black brioche bun, the King of Rock & Roll with vegan cgeddar and chili pineapple, and the Notorious with cheese and bourbon whiskey sauce.
  • Cafe Tiran is a cafe on Kdoshei Hashoa Street in Herzliya Pituach from the owners of Yankale Cafe and FS9 in De Shalit Square in Herzliya.
  • Moroccan meatball restaurant Chicho has opened a branch in Petach Tikva in the Shop Time complex. As well as meatball sandwiches, the menu includes meatballs served with bulgur wheat and salads. I love the lamb meatballs but there seven options to choose from, including fish and vegan.

hicho - Lamb Meatballs - Kosher - Petach Tikva

  • Gustel Chocolate is a new chocolate boutique near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • HaMarocai is a Moroccan restaurant in Tel Aviv from Avichai Ohana. Most of the traditional dishes are served inside frena or mufleta. A full English menu is available on the 10bis delivery site. On Thursdays and Fridays, they also sell salad and ready-made Shabbat food.
  • Morris restaurant from Shuk Machane Yehuda has moved to Heleni HaMalka. The larger restaurant allows them to cater to more people. They still have Kababasta in the open shuk.
  • Popina View is a kosher pop-up restaurant on the roof of the Carlton Tel Aviv by Chef Orel Kimchi of Popina. The Popina View set menu includes 6 dishes for NIS 305 per person. The restaurant is open until September 17, but I have a feeling they will extend the time period if it is popular.
  • Smokehouse Tsur David (Mehuderet) is in the middle of the covered shuk in Jerusalem, in place of Sushi Rehavia’s Street Market. The menu includes smoked brisket, asado and chicken, as well as beef jerky.
  • Uran’s Sushi Chef is a new sushi bar on Hahavazelet Street in central Jerusalem by Chef Uran Ben Moyal, who was previously a chef at Jacko’s Son and Jacko’s Street.

Urans - Sushi - Jerusalem - Kosher - Credit-dotcomphoto

Not Kosher

  • Alibi Bar is a new bar on Frishman in Tel Aviv with food by Chef Aviv Moshe. The food can also be ordered for delivery on Wolt, along with take-home cocktails. Interesting dishes include cauliflower with blue cheese fondue, black pizza with truffle sauce, orange pizza with cheddar, mozzarella, lamb bacon and scallions and blue pizza with blue cheese sauce.
  • Bezalel is the reincarnation of Scotty & Patch in Bezalel Market Square in Tel Aviv. The menu focuses on small mezze dishes of salads, meat and fish.
  • Cafe Molina is a cafe in the Great Synagogue complex in Tel Aviv, from the owners of Le Moulin on Bograshov.
  • HaGaon is a fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv, serving grilled meat in pita or on plates.
  • Ido’s is a meat restaurant on Ibn Gvirol in Tel Aviv. What makes this place special is that the owner is 17 years old. He has been selling his smoked meat from home for some time and decided to expand into a restaurant. The restaurant will focus on grilled meat and Turkish donner kebab.
  • Jonz is a new bar in the Levinsky Market area of Tel Aviv from the owners of Milgo Milbar.
  • Kanibar burger restaurant in Haifa has opened a new branch in the outlet mall, Hozot Hamifratz. While not all the shops are full outlets, there are some good bargains to be found!
  • Kapara Mio is a pop-up trattoria on King George in Tel Aviv, serving fried pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes. It takes the place of Mifgash Osher at the weekends.
  • Leon Toast is a new toast restaurant in Tel Aviv by Chef Omer Miller, owner of Susu & Sons and Sabba & 300 Rabbits.
  • Lulu & Co is Israel’s first cereal bar on Rothschild in Tel Aviv. The store serves a variety of breakfast cereals, along with ice cream and other toppings.
  • In the December roundup, I reported the opening of Pop & Pope, a new entertainment complex on the 14th floor of the Hagag HaArba’a Towers in Tel Aviv, designed by Giorgio Armani Studio Armani Casa. Although the bar opened back then, the main restaurant has just opened this month, initially just for dinner but soon for lunch as well. Chef Shahaf Shabtay serves an Italian Asian fusion menu.
  • ToastBurger is a restaurant in Tel Aviv from the owner of Turtle House in Holon. The toast burger is similar to an Arais but with a burger bun. Toppings include egg salad, gouda, chili jam, chili pineapple, merguez and coleslaw. There is also a vegan option.


Other Israel Foodie News

  • Benedict restaurant is opening two new branches, one in Poleg and one in Yehud.
  • The Israel branch of French coffee chain Columbus Cafe is opening very soon in Tel Aviv. The chain has over 150 branches all over the world, mostly in Europe.
  • France’s Maison Kayser bakery will soon be opening a branch in Israel. The store in the Namal Tel Aviv is located in the building which previously housed the Mul Yam restaurant before it burnt down five years ago. The bakery has 250 branches around the world and the new branch in Tel Aviv will include a bakery, pastry shop, and cafe. The bakery will serve 25 types of bread and baguette and will be open all week. More branches are due to open in Tel Aviv later this year. All the bakers at the store have undergone training at Kaiser Bakeries in France.
  • Culinary Tours in Tiveria – every Friday at 10 am for the next few months, there will be a free two-hour culinary tour of Tiveria which includes learning about the architectural and religious history of the city. The tour given by Rafi Halfon will visit the city’s fish market, the main market, as well as bakeries, delis and spice shops.


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  1. Benedict Bakery is actually in Ir Yamim, not Poleg, and has been open for over a month now. It’s very good, excellent, fresh pastries!

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