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Enjoying Good Food over the Chagim in Israel

A Summary of Where to Order Good Food During the Chagim in Israel.

As the Chagim approach and Israel prepares for another lockdown, restaurants are once again forced to deliver food rather than host guests in person. Over the last few months, I have been updating many of the posts I originally created before Pesach, focusing on food delivery options around Israel, and I will continue to do so.

Below is a summary of the various options that exist to ensure that you enjoy good food over the Chagim in Israel:

Kosher Catering around Israel

Whether you are in quarantine or not able to shop and cook as easily, ordering food for the chagim from a restaurant or catering company is the perfect solution. Here is a selection of kosher catering options around Israel:

Kosher  Restaurant Delivery Around Israel

Since Wolt has not yet reached all towns in Israel, it can be hard to find out which kosher restaurants will deliver so hopefully this list of Kosher Delivery Around Israel helps.

Restaurant Delivery in Jerusalem

The selection of restaurants that deliver in Jerusalem has increased over the last few months. However, some restaurants that were delivering during the lockdown, stopped doing so as soon as the restaurants reopened.  The situation is always changing but for now, this is a list of Restaurant Delivery in Jerusalem.

Valero - Kosher - Jerusalem - Wagyu Denver Steak

Kosher Wagyu Denver Steak @ Valero, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Food Shopping Guide

Whether or not the shops will stay open is still unsure, but it is always helpful to know where you can order your food supplies from, other than the main supermarkets. Here is my Jerusalem Stay Home Food Shopping Guide.

I will keep updating these lists as I have been over the last few months but please let me know if you have information to add/remove.

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