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Israel Restaurants Pesach 2021

A Summary of Israel Restaurants at Pesach.

With restaurants in Israel struggling to get back to normal service, it seems that opening for Pesach is a cost and complication that many cannot deal with this year. Even though there is a  full week of Chol Hamoed, many kosher restaurants will not open for Pesach. Most of the information below has been verified directly with the restaurants but if you want to be 100% sure, it is always best to check and I highly recommend making reservations in advance. Where possible, I have indicated whether the restaurant is with or without kitniyot. If I have not specified, then you need to check yourself.

If you are looking for catering or shopping ideas, check out A Guide to Jerusalem Pesach Shopping 2021.

Jerusalem Area Pesach Restaurants

  • Agrocafe, Moshav Srigim – a cafe with amazing coffee and Pesach pastries near Beit Shemesh.
  • Azura (Kitniyot) – traditional Middle Eastern restaurant in the shuk with a focus on slow-cooked meat dishes and hummus.
  • Cafe Gan Sipur (No Kitniyot, Mehadrin) – a coffee shop in Gan Sacher in Jerusalem that includes a varied kids menu.
  • Cafe Rimon (Mehadrin) – the Mamilla branch is open for takeaway and sitting outside.
  • Dialna Frena Bar – the Moroccan street food bar will be serving traditional slow-cooked meat dishes in a gluten-free Pesach roll. Indoor and outdoor seating, takeaway and delivery.
  • Ezra Grill – traditional steakiah restaurant in Talpiot.
  • Focaccia Moshava – collection and delivery of ready-made meat and salads, Foccacia English Pesach Menu, 02 538 7182.
  • Greg Cafe Mamilla (Mehadrin, no kitniyot) – access from the inside Mamilla mall only.
  • Hamotzi (Kitniyot) –  North African restaurant by Chef Avi Levy near Shuk Machane Yehuda. No reservations, first come first served. Inside and outside seating.
  • Happy Fish (Mehadrin, no kitniyot), Mamilla – fish and dairy restaurant with a huge outside terrace.
  • Ima (Kitniyot) – traditional Middle Eastern restaurant serving grilled meat, kubbe and stuffed vegetables. Ima restaurant menu in Hebrew, includes vegan options.
  • Joy Grill House (Mehadrin, no kitniyot), Mamilla – family-friendly meat grill with a large outside area.
  • Kedma Mamilla (Kitniyot) – meat grill restaurant opposite the Old City walls.
  • Luciana (Mehadrin, no kitniyot) – Italian dairy restaurant with outside seating.
  • Mr Green (Mehadrin, no kitniyot) – salad bar on Yafo, near Kikar Zion.
  • Oshi Oshi (Badatz, Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian food with branches in Jerusalem, Mevaseret Zion and Reut.
  • Pasha (No kitniyot) – minimum order of 15 people, NIS 135 per person. Pesach delivery menu including salads, meat, fish, side dishes.
  • Pepito’s (No Kitniyot) – Latin street food restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Pichonka (No kitniyot) – meat restaurant in Nes Harim in the Judean Hills with amazing views.
  • Rooftop Restaurant, Mamilla Hotel (Mehadrin, no kitniyot) – open on Seder night with a Shabbat-friendly menu, for those who want a lighter and cheaper meal in a kosher hotel. During Chol Hamoed, Rooftop will only be open for dinner.

  • Roza Gush Etzion (Mehadrin, no kitniyot) – family-friendly, low-priced meat restaurant with gluten-free bread.
  • Shapedoni is a new meat grill bar on Yafo opposite the entrance to the closed shuk. Full English menu and online delivery.
  • Sushi Rehavia (Kitniyot) – the Emek and Azza branches will be open with sushi and noodles.  The only thing missing is good wasabi.
  • Valero (No Kitniyot) – take away and outdoor sitting from 11 am, seating inside from 7 pm. Amazing Wagyu beef menu.
  • Yehudit – traditional steakiah near Shuk Machane Yehuda.

Tel Aviv Area Pesach Restaurants

  • 2C (Kitniyot) – chef restaurant on the 49th floor of the Azrieli Round Tower.
  • Arais (Kitniyot) –meat bar and grill on the outside of Sarona Market.
  • Bodega (Kitniyot) – American-style burger and steak restaurant, with takeaway and delivery on Tabit.
  • Chicken Station – rotisserie chicken restaurant with branches on Hashmonaim (outside Fashion Mall) and Yigal Alon. Full menu and online orders for takeaway and delivery.
  • Chinese Wall (Kitniyot) – authentic Chinese restaurant.
  • Chuma (Kitniyot) – traditional Mizrachi food in Gan Hair, full menu in Hebrew.
  • Dr. Shakshuka (Kitniyot) – grilled meat, fish, and a selection of shakshuka dishes in the Yafo flea market.
  • Ewa Safi (Kitniyot) – traditional Moroccan style restaurant in Neve Zedek, full English Pesach menu, take away and delivery to all of Gush Dan. Reservations required.
  • Fish & Chips Market (Kitniyot) – fish and chips in Carmel Market.
  • Gorme Sabzi (Kitniyot) – traditional Persian restaurant near Shuk Levinsky.
  • Goshen (Kitniyot) – traditional steak restaurant, open chol hamoed from 5 pm.
  • Hayarkon 99 (No Kitniyot) – the fine dining restaurant of the Dan Tel Aviv.
  • Herbert Samuel, Ritz Carlton Herzliya (No Kitniyot), Herzliya Pituach – I have eaten there on Pesach before and the food was just as good as it always is.
  • Hungarian Blintzes (No Kitniyot) – sweet and savory blintzes.
  • Journo Bakery – french bakery, check out their Pesach cake menu.
  • Kanki (Kitniyot) – sushi restaurant on Bograshov.
  • Lechem Basar (Kitniyot) – grilled meat restaurant in the Namal Tel Aviv. Full Pesach menu in Hebrew.
  • Lorenz & Mintz (No Kitniyot) – a cafe in Neve Zedek with a focus on brunch dishes.
  • Malka (Kitniyot) – Chef Eyal Shani’s kosher restaurant, click here for my review and photos. Open for lunch and dinner, menu changes daily.
  • Meatkitchen (Kitniyot) – a creative menu with interesting flavor combinations and good vegetarian and vegan options. I used to love this place but was very disappointed with the service since it moved to the Namal.
  • Meatos (Kitniyot) – large steak restaurant in Tel Aviv.
  • Meatos Street Food (Kitniyot) – street food restaurant with branches in Azrieli Mall and Rothschild.
  • Nagisa (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian restaurant in north Tel Aviv, full menu and order online.
  • Nina Sushi (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian restaurant opposite Gordon Beach. Full menu in Hebrew and French.
  • Nuchi (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian restaurant in Kikar HaMedina. Full Pesach menu and to order takeaway and delivery online.
  • Oshi Oshi (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian food with branches in Givatiyim (Mehadrin), Ramat Gan (Badatz Beit Yosef), Namal Tel Aviv (Badatz Beit Yosef) and Azrieli Center.
  • Pankina (Kitniyot) – Italian dairy restaurant.
  • Paradiso Sarona Cafe (Kitniyot) – dairy cafe in the grounds of Sarona.
  • Pasta Basta (Kitniyot) – pasta bar with branches in Azrieli Center and on Hashmonaim.
  • Pene Pasta Bar (Kitniyot) – dairy pizza and pasta restaurant on Bograshov.
  • Pita Machne (Kitniyot) – meat sandwiches in the Yafo flea market.
  • Pita Montana (Kitniyot) – meat street food truck in the Namal Tel Aviv, order via Wolt.
  • Red Meat (Kitniyot) – South American meat salads, sandwiches made with Pesach ciabatta rolls and tortilla rolls. Take away and delivery orders online in Hebrew.
  • Regina (Kitniyot) – meat restaurant in Hatachana complex with outdoor space.
  • Rendez Vous (Kitniyot) – French dairy restaurant in Neve Zedek. Full Pesach menu in English.
  • Samarkand (Kitniyot) – traditional Bucharian cuisine. Branches in South Tel Aviv and Or Yehuda.
  • Sefora (Kitniyot) – sushi bar inside 2C on the 49th floor of the Azrieli Round Tower. Open from 5pm.
  • Sender (No Kitniyot) – traditional Ashkenazi food.
  • Suli (Kitniyot) – grilled meat restaurant on Yigal Alon near Assuta. Pesach menu and order delivery and takeaway online.
  • Tandor (Kitniyot) – restaurant in Sarona Market with a menu focused on meat cooked in a tandoor. Delivery via Wolt.
  • Taro Sushi (Kitniyot) – sushi restaurant in Ramat Aviv Gimel.
  • Uno (Kitniyot) – Italian dairy restaurant with a large outside area, full Hebrew menu, includes salads, pasta and fish.
  • West SideRoyal Beach Tel Aviv (Kitniyot) – probably the best food and service in Tel Aviv, they will be open as usual for Pesach.

Petach Tikva Area Pesach Restaurants

Mercaz & North Israel Pesach Restaurants

  • 300 gram (Mehadrin), Moshav Betzet, near Nahariya – steak restaurant with lots of outside seating. Focus on quantity over quality. Family-friendly.
  • Aresto Restaurant – Italian dairy restaurant in the port of Caesaria. Beautiful setting, good food and family-friendly menu.
  • Atza (Kitniyot), Afula – sushi and Asian fusion meat dishes, order online for takeaway and delivery.
  • Avi’s Restaurant (Mehadrin), Tiveria – grilled meat and fish, and other middle eastern dishes.
  • Baronita (Kitniyot) – meat restaurant off the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov.
  • Beef Behar (Kitniyot) – steak restaurant in Moshav Yaara in the Upper Galil, near Rosh Hanikra.
  • Boulangerie Zichron
  • BP Kosher Bistro (Kitniyot) –  American diner-style meat grill restaurant with branches in Tzomet Rupin, Horev Center Haifa & Haifa Bay. They also serve fish, sushi, stir fry dishes, salads and various hummus dishes.
  • Cafe Bordo (Kitniyot), Nahariya – a dairy cafe with seating inside and outside.
  • Cafe Mandarin – dairy cafe in Park Raanana.
  • Cafe Nitza (Kitniyot) – French dairy cafe opposite the beach on Sderot Nitza in Netanya.
  • Casa Barona (No Kitniyot) – simple meat restaurant located in Beit Maimon hotel,  Case Barone Pesach Menu.
  • El Gaucho (Kitniyot), Netanya – traditional South American steakhouse overlooking the sea.
  • Ella Patisserie, Emek Hefer – gluten free baked goods.
  • El Rancho, Tiveria – South American style grilled meat restaurant.
  • Gillis Steak House (No Kitniyot), Moshav Nov, Golan – one of my favorite restaurants in Israel which is normally only open on Thursday nights, Chol Hamoed is a perfect chance to have a meat fest if you will be in the Golan, full review here. They are open Monday to Thursday from midday to 8 pm and are family-friendly.

  • Greg Cafe (Mehadrin, kitniyot), Atlit.
  • Haari 8 (No Kitniyot) – meat restaurant in Zfat. Not taking reservations.
  • Hameyasdim16 (Kitniyot) – meat taboon restaurant on the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov.  Full pesach menu and takeaway and delivery online. The menu includes burgers in Pesach buns.
  • Haroeh BaCafe (No Kitniyot), Kfar Haroeh – a tranquil, family-run, countryside cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. No reservations, first come first served.
  • Hayekev in Netanya, full menu in Hebrew, with online ordering for takeaway and delivery.
  • Hazalbanim is a fairly new meat restaurant in Caesaria Port overlooking the water. The English Pesach menu includes a wide variety of grilled meat and fish.
  • Iskander (Mehadrin, Kitniyot) – meat and fish restaurant in Kibbutz Gadot in the Upper Galil north of the Kinneret and near Rosh Pina.
  • Murphy’s Irish Pub – kosher pub in Raanana
  • Nachman Smokehouse  (Kitniyot) – smoke meat and BBQ grill house on the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov.
  • Nagisa (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian restaurant with branches in Afula, Kfar Saba & Netanya, full menu and order online.
  • Noale (Mehadrin, no kitniyot), Raanana – event venue which is open as a meat restaurant pop-up.
  • Oshi Oshi (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian food with branches in Krayot, Pardes Hana, Hadera and Gan Hazafon.
  • Roots (Mehuderet, Kitniyot), Akko – a new kosher restaurant by Chef Uri Arnold, in the Old City of Akko. The menu focuses on the Levantine kitchen, offering kosher diners the chance to try some classic Arabic dishes, full review here.
  • Sabah Abib, Tiveria – meat grill restaurant.
  • Samurayo Sushi (Kitniyot), Afula – sushi, and Asian meat menu, Thai soups and noodles, eat-in, take away and delivery.
  • Shloshet Hakaztavim (Kitniyot), Netanya – a cross between a steak house and a traditional steakiah with a wide variety of interesting meat dishes including veal and turkey testicles, mutton fat and goose hearts.
  • Tishbi Winery (Kitniyot) – the dairy restaurant of the main Tishbi winery is located between Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov. I have eaten at the winery over Pesach, it gets very busy but they have a great Pesach menu.
  • Tamar Patisserie (Kitniyot) – French bakery off the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov serving gluten-free macarons, cakes and biscuits.
  • Tishbi BBQ Garage (Kitniyot)- over Pesach, the Tishbi restaurant on the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov gets taken over by the Tishbi smoked meat truck.  I have eaten there in the past and the good was very good, with a very limited menu.

South Israel Pesach Restaurants

  • Brunchos (Mehadrin, Kitniyot) – branches in Ashdod and Bilu Center. The menu includes salads, pizza, pasta and more, full Hebrew menu.
  • Cafe Gan Sipur (Kitniyot), Ashdod –  a coffee shop that includes a varied kids menu.
  • Cafe Lyon, Yavne – varied dairy menu which includes breakfasts, sandwiches, toasts, salads, pasta and grilled fish, and more. Free parking.
  • Campania, Rishon LeZion – meat and fish grill restaurant.
  • El Gaucho (Mehadrin, no kitniyot), Rishon LeZion – South American meat grill restaurant.
  • Grill 443 (Kitniyot), Modiin – traditional steakiah next to Sonol gas station in Tzomet Shilat.
  • Hamitbachon shel Sima (Kitniyot), Modiin – home-cooked Moroccan food, full Hebrew menu.
  • Kasbah (Kitniyot), Modiin – steakiah with stuffed vegetables, salads and other traditional food.
  • Kona (Kitniyot), Modiin – sushi and Asian food, order online.
  • Levona Grill (Kitniyot), Ashkelon – steak restaurant with a variety of skewers,  steaks and grilled fish. Full Pesach Hebrew menu.
  • Meet & Meat (Kitniyot) – smoked meat restaurant in Modiin.
  • Michalis (No Kitniyot; Badatz), Modiin – a simple café in Yishpru Center, with good service and fresh ingredients.
  • Niso Hadayag, Ashkelon – grilled fish & meat restaurant in the Ashkelon Marina with a large outdoor seating area.
  • Nori (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian stir fry dishes,  – full Hebrew Pesach menu. Order delivery and takeaway online.
  • Oshi Oshi (Kitniyot) – sushi and Asian food with branches in Beer Sheva (Mehadrin) Gan Yavne, Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, and Ramle.
  • Rak Kacha (Kitniyot), Rishon Le Zion – meat sandwiches in Pesach laffa , meat and rice plates,  salads ad dips. Take away and delivery menu online.
  • Ratatouille (Kitniyot), Moshav Emunim – large dairy restaurant near Ashdod with many small private dining rooms and outdoor space.

Salmon with Risotto - Ratatui - Moshav Emunim - Kosher

  • Shipodey Tzipora (Kitniyot), Rishon Le Zion – traditional steakiah. Order online.
  • Sorento (Kitniyot), Rishon Le Zion – Italian dairy restaurant with pastas, pizza , fish and salad. Full Pesach menu in Hebrew.
  • Space, Moshav Emunim – the meat restaurant by the same owners as Ratatouille.
  • Taam Haemek, Ashkelon – grilled meat and fish restaurant overlooking the beach.
  • Toro Grill, Rishon Le Zion – traditional Bucharian meat restaurant.

Eilat Pesach Restaurants

  • Ashkara – meat grill bar near the commercial center of Eilat.
  • Bata’am Shel Kobi (Mehadrin, kitniyot) – rotisserie chicken, meat skewers, salads and stuffed vegetables.
  • HaLev HaRahav – grilled meat restaurant near the main mall in Eilat.
  • Italica – Italian restaurant in the Ice Mall.
  • Pina BaYam, Eilat – fish and chips, pasta, salads on the promenade under the Dan Eilat with seating inside and outside. Delivery available, order by phone (054 771 7228) or WhatsApp.
  • Ranch House, Eilat – American-style steak restaurant. Full Ranch House English menu.
  • Shipodey Tzipora (Badatz Beit Yosef, Kitniyot) – traditional steakiah / shipudiah.

Wishing everyone חג פסח כשר ושמח.

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  1. Just an FYI, several of the Mehadrin places in Jerusalem that are open for Pesach do not have a Mehadrin hecksher for Pesach, rather only a Rabbanut Pesach hecksher.

  2. 300 Gram is a kitniyot restaurant. We drove an hour and a half for this special place only to find out that we couldn’t eat there. Best to double check all the restaurants on the list before going to them.

    • I was told by the restaurant themselves that it was without kitniyot but I did write at the top of the post that people should double check for themselves if it is important to them.

  3. Greg in Atlit is NOT kitniyot free… However they did bend over backwards for us to make some non kitnyot stuff as we were one family out of four who didnt eat kitnyot

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