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Israel Beach Restaurants – Southern Cities

A Guide to Beach Restaurants and Sea View Restaurants in the South of Israel.

There is something special about eating a meal while overlooking the sea and in many seaside cities around the world,  some of the best restaurants are located in the ports or on the beaches. I have always felt that Israel does not follow that rule. Many beach restaurants are overpriced, serving mediocre food because they know they have a captive audience. However, that trend is slowly changing and more quality restaurants are appearing at the seaside up and down the coastline. To make it more manageable, I will divide these posts by geographical location, starting with a guide to beach and sea view restaurants in South Israel.

All these restaurants are not kosher unless specified as kosher.

Ashkelon Beach Restaurants

Most of these restaurants are in the Ashkelon Marina, overlooking the boats, rather than on the beach itself.

  • Ashkelon Reef is a simple beach restaurant serving burgers, schnitzel, and pizza and also includes an ice cream parlor.
  • Benjamin is a restaurant and cocktail bar overlooking the Marina.
  • Brasserie in the Marina serves grilled meat and fish.
  • Derby Bar (Badatz) is one of the few kosher fish restaurants in the country and serves a variety of grilled fish and meat.
  • Dunya by Meir Adoni (Kosher) is a high-end street food restaurant overlooking the Marina with a party atmosphere.
  • Gatos (Kosher) is a dairy Italian restaurant in the Marina serving a variety of breakfast options, salads, pasta and fish.
  • Kakao (Dairy, open Shabbat) in the Marina is a simple dairy cafe.
  • Le Frenchy (Mehadrin) is a French dairy and fish cafe in the Marina. The cafe is located on the second floor of the Marina mall with a shaded balcony overlooking the Marina. It is open for dinner and Friday brunch.
  • Nisso Hadayag (Kosher) in the Marina is a grilled fish and meat restaurant with a spacious outdoor area.
  • Patricks is an Irish pub in the Marina with a varied pub menu.

Ashdod Beach Restaurants

The beach in Ashdod is very deep, some of the restaurants are overlooking the beach, but can be accessed from the road, while others are located opposite the beach.

  • Aladin (Kosher) focuses on fresh fish and Mediterranean flavors, with some dairy pasta dishes.

Aladin - Kosher - Fish Restaurant - Ashdod

  • Alma (Dairy, open on Shabbat)a varied bar menu based on price, ranging from NIS 18 to 117. Full Alma English menu
  • Aramis is a themed restaurant based on The Three Musketeers.
  • Archie is a bar/pub opposite the beach with an American-style fast-food menu.
  • Cafe Gan Sipur (Kosher) is located in Ashdod Yam Park, next to the beach.
  • Cafe Puzzle is a beachside restaurant with an extensive menu including salads, pasta, grilled fish and meat. Here is the Cafe Puzzle English menu.
  • Calma is a cafe and restaurant on the beach in Ashdod.
  • Corsar is a Mediterranean restaurant with an extensive sushi menu.
  • Dabuda is an Asian fusion and sushi bar.
  • HaChof is a beach restaurant next to the Ashdod Marina. The menu includes pizza, pasta, fish and seafood, a full HaChof English menu.
  • Julya (Kosher) is a dairy cafe opposite the beach with a dairy menu.
  • Ma Asia Bar is a sushi and Asian meat restaurant from the same owners as Alma.
  • Namaste (Kosher) is an Indian restaurant overlooking the beach in Ashdod.
  • Pavella is a Mediterranean restaurant and bar with a sea view, playing Balkan, Portuguese and Latin music.
  • Pescado (Kosher) is one of the best fish restaurants in the country and is located opposite the beach. Here is a full review.
  • Petra Bar & Kitchen is a Georgian restaurant serving traditional Georgian cuisine, alongside classic European fish, seafood and meat dishes.
  • Porto serves pizza, pasta and fish.
  • Sunset Boulevard is an American diner that serves over 20 types of burgers, sloppy joe, hoagie and Philly Cheese-steak sandwiches, as well as grilled fish, meat and salads. Here is the full Sunset Boulevard English menu.
  • Trio is a Georgian restaurant opposite the beach.
  • Zeh Ashdod is a large burger restaurant on the beach that serves a variety of burgers with interesting toppings such as lotus biscuit cream, smoked brisket, parmesan snow and peanut butter. They also serve sloppy joe and smoked meats.

Rishon LeZion Beach Restaurants

The restaurants in Rishon LeZion are on the beach itself but typically have outdoor and inside seating areas.

  • Benny the Fisherman (Not Supervised) is a grilled fish and meat restaurant on the beach. The food is kosher, without supervision. The restaurant serves fresh fish that can be ordered deep-fried, roasted, baked in salt or grilled.
  • Francheska is an Italian bistro on the beach, with a varied menu including salads, pizza, pasta, grilled meat, fish and seafood.
  • Kalderon Beach Club is a typical Israeli-style beach restaurant with a varied menu that includes sharing platters of fruit, vegetables or fried food, as well as the usual salads, sandwiches, meat, fish, pizza and pasta.
  • La Mer is a simple beach restaurant and bar on the sand.
  • Pepe is an Italian chef restaurant focusing on fish and seafood, with some meat and vegetarian dishes.
  • Venice Pizza Bar (Kosher) is one of the few kosher restaurants directly on the beach in Israel, with a large selection of pizzas.

More posts about beach restaurants in other parts of the country will follow but in the meantime, please comment below with your feedback on any of the restaurants listed above.

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