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Israel Foodie Roundup December 2021

News and reviews on the Israel Foodie scene for December.

Despite the lack of international tourists, the Israeli culinary scene is thriving as new places continue to open up all over the country. Even though winter has set in, bars and restaurants are as busy as ever, and getting a reservation at a popular restaurant over the weekend requires booking weeks in advance. Here is a list of new openings and other news from the Israel foodie scene this month.

If you try out any of these new places, be sure to share your feedback on Restaurant Club Israel or Restaurant Club Jerusalem.

Kosher Restaurant News

Antikovich Bakery is an American vintage-style bakery run by fourth-generation bakers.

Black Iron is a new steakhouse that has opened in place of Valero on Agripas in Jerusalem. The menu is focused on Wagyu beef with a few grilled chicken, fish, and vegetable options to go with it. I have already tried and it and the steaks were juicy and flavorful.

FishKitchen the dairy and fish sister of MeatKitchen has opened in South Tel Aviv.

Ima Restaurant (Tzohar) has opened a new branch in Kiryat Anavim.

Ivriani is an Italian dairy restaurant in Raanana open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu includes a range of salads, antipasti, pasta, pizza and a range of classic Italian desserts. The restaurant is owned by Emanuel Dayan, who is a partner in Caphe Hanoi in Tel Aviv.

Kataif serves meat-filled kataif pancakes. The original branch is on HaTapu’ach Street inside Shuk Machane Yehuda and the new restaurant and bar is on Agripas, a few stores down from Jozef burger.

Liba Cafe (Tzohar) is a new coffee shop in the center of Jerusalem. Specialties include matcha latte, Portuguese custard tarts (Pasteis de Nata) and Italian Maritozzo (cream-filled donuts).

Mama Frena (Mehadrin) is a street food stand in Shuk Machane Yehuda. Slow-cooked dishes with meat, fish and vegetables are served inside Moroccan Frena bread.

Milk and Honey Pancakes (Mehadrin) is a new crepe, pancake and waffle restaurant off Jaffo Street in Jerusalem (across Tmol Shilshom).

Miss Shaffa (Mehadrin) is a pizza restaurant in Shuk Machane Yehuda. So many pizza places open and close quickly in the shuk so let’s see if this lasts.

Mitzle is a meat street food restaurant by Chef Avi Levy of Hamotzi on Yafo Street near Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem. As well as take-away, there is a large round bar to sit at, that surrounds the kitchen and grill.

Nino Restaurant (Mehadrin) is a Mediterranean meat restaurant in the German Colony in Jerusalem. It has a VIP room for up to 70 people and events for up to 150 in the whole restaurant.

Patata (Mehadrin) is a baked-potato stand in Shuk Machane Yehuda. I personally love a good baked potato so I hope it can deliver on taste and texture!

Smash Burgers (Mehuderet) is a burger restaurant on Yoel Solomon Street in Jerusalem with some seating inside and outside but mostly a takeaway vibe. Another burger place to add to my to-do list!

Soashi is a sushi delivery service in Petach Tikva serving parev and dairy sushi.

Twist is a creperie on Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem serving savory and sweet traditional French buckwheat crepes. The menu also includes Acai bowls and smoothie bowls.

Not Kosher Restaurant News

Olé is a restaurant in the Selina hotel in Neve Tzedek, in Tel Aviv, by reality star Chef Oren Asido. The menu focuses on Mediterranean food with a nod to his Spanish Moroccan roots.

Rouge is a restaurant in the new boutique Pereh Hotel in the Golan, by Chef Roee Dori, formerly of Mashya and L28. The menu uses local ingredients and varies from breakfast to dinner.

Taboon Wine Bar is a small wine bar inside New Gate in the Old City serving a selection of Armenian food, as well as focaccia and pizza from the taboon.

Zus is a Mediterranean restaurant from the Tatami group with Greek influences. The restaurant also includes a cocktail bar and live DJ.

Other Israel Foodie News

Binyamina Winery has a new brunch which is served Wednesday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and Friday until 2 pm. Brunch includes options of wine tastings, along with a mezze of 12 salads and bread.

Food & Beverage burger restaurant in Rishon Le Zion is now kosher.

Food & Beverage Burgers - Kosher - Rishon Le Zion

Miznon by Chef Eyal Shani has opened a new branch in Big in Ashdod. He is due to open additional new branches of Miznon in Boston and Miami and recently opened HaSalon Miami.

Poupée restaurant in Tel Aviv has hired Spanish Chef Kiko Moya, who is also the chef of a two Michelin star restaurant in Spain.

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  1. Was at Patata this evening – well baked steaming hot baked potatoes and great stuffings- very filling

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