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Israel Foodie Roundup January 2022

News and reviews on the Israel Foodie scene for January.

It is hard to believe that another year has past and the Israel foodie scene continues to evolve. There seem to be fewer openings than usual this month with a focus on quality over quantity.  Highlights this month include the opening of Ruhan, a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem by Popina‘s Chef Orel Kimchi, and Ulu Winery in the Judean Hills with a restaurant and wine tastings.

Kosher Restaurant News

Bella Bread is a bakery and cafe in Rishon Le Zion serving sandwiches, salads, and sweet and savory baked goods. The full menu is available on Wolt.

Brigaderia Brazilian sweet shop in Raanana has opened a stall in Shuk HaCarmel.

Kapuya is a new meat restaurant in Talpiot, Jerusalem by Chef Shay Kapuya focusing on slow-cooked pots such as asado, meatballs, and Sofrito. They also serve fish, salads, and side dishes. Here is the Kapuya Hebrew menu.

Kirsh Cafe is a bakery and cafe in Tel Aviv, featuring traditional Austrian and Hungarian baked goods. It is owned by one of the former owners of Zuni in Jerusalem and features Zuni’s famous French Toast. Owner Dan Kirsh also has a cafe in New York.

Meat Bagel is a meat bagel stand by the owners of Holy Bagel in Modiin. I am excited to try this place as I love corn beef bagels.

Meshek Ofaimme (Tzohar) has opened a third cafe in the Israel Museum.

Pita Basta street food restaurant has opened a new branch in Ashdod. This is the chain’s seventh branch.

Ruhan (Tzohar) is a cocktail bar and restaurant in the Brown JLM Hotel on Hillel Street in Jerusalem in partnership with Chef Orel Kimchi of popular Tel Aviv restaurant Popina. The menu is a kosher dairy version of Popina, with signature dishes including tuna sashimi in blood orange vinaigrette, fish tartare on toasted brioche, and bread pudding. Chef Kimchi was previously the chef of Cavalier Restaurant which was to be located right next to where the new hotel now stands.

Shukriya (Tzohar) is a new culinary culture center in central Jerusalem offering dairy cooking and baking workshops and chef meals for up to 15 people, and culinary events for up to 40 people.

Not Kosher Restaurant News

Ceviche Ba Kerem is a ceviche bar in Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv.

Chanut Wine is a small wine bar in central Jerusalem serving wine, cheese and snacks.

Temerlin is a meat restaurant, deli and butcher in Nahalal in the Jezreel Valley, replacing Octagon. The restaurant is run by the Tamir family who has been raising cattle since 1924. The family is joined by Chef Yaron Kastenbaum of M25 who is in charge of the menu which includes M25’s signature Arais.

Ulu Winery is a new winery in the Judean Hills with a spacious restaurant that is open on Thursday night and Friday during the day.

Other Israel Foodie News

Segev Art in Herzliya Pituach by Chef Moshe Segev has closed.

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