La Liste 2022 – 10 of the World’s Best Restaurants are in Israel

Israeli Restaurants Ranked in La Liste 2022 of the World’s Best Restaurants.

The ranking for La Liste 2022 has been released and out of the 1000 highest-ranking restaurants in the world, 10 of them are in Israel.

In previous years, there were 13 restaurants in Israel on the list. Popina in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv has been dropped from the list and Lumina by Meir Adoni and Blue Sky by Meir Adoni have closed down.

For some reason, the rating for La Regence in Jerusalem has gone up, even though it has been closed for the last 2 years and has officially closed down, which makes me question the accuracy of the ranking! Overall the ratings for the Israeli restaurants are down this year and there are no new additions to the list from Israel. Once again La Liste does not include Machneyuda and in my opinion, both Darya in the Hilton Tel Aviv and Weiss in Tel Aviv are both better than some other Israeli restaurants which are ranked by La Liste.

Here is the list of Israeli restaurants featured in La Liste including their rating and the 2020 rating in brackets.

  • La RegenceThe King David Hotel, (Kosher), Jerusalem –  90 (86.50) – CLOSED DOWN
  • OCD TLV, Tel Aviv – 83.50 (89.50)
  • Manta Ray, Tel Aviv – 83.00 (89.50)
  • Mashya, Mendeli Street Hotel, Tel Aviv – 81.50 (85.00)

  • Alena, The Norman, Tel Aviv – 81.50 (76.50)
  • Claro, Tel Aviv – 78.00 (79.50)

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