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Everything You Need to Know About Chef Eyal Shani Restaurants

A Summary of the Restaurants and Bars in the Eyal Shani Empire.

Famous in Israel for his love of tomatoes, and for putting everything inside of pita bread, Chef Eyal Shani is also a TV personality and judge of MasterChef Israel.  Most of Eyal Shani’s restaurants focus as much on vegetables as they do on protein. Two of his most well-known dishes that can be found in most of his restaurants are the roasted cauliflower (not in the kosher restaurants) and the Jericho green beans. Most of his restaurants serve food on cardboard, in paper bags, and in other creative ways, which are not plates. The menus are designed for sharing and eating with your hands. Some of the signature dishes can be found in both street food and sit-down restaurants. Below is a summary of all of Eyal Shani’s restaurants in Israel and around the world.

Eyal Shani Restaurants in Israel

  • Dirty Burger is a takeaway and delivery burger restaurant on King George in Tel Aviv.
  • Dvora (Kosher) is a spacious restaurant off the lobby of the Debrah Brown Hotel on Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv. Specialty dishes include roast beef and gravlax served on a large stone.
  • HaSalon is a fine-dining, tasting menu restaurant, open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.
  • Malka (Kosher) is a restaurant on the ground floor of an office building in the business area of Tel Aviv. The business lunch at Malka has a more relaxed vibe; for dinner, the volume is turned up and a more lively vibe is introduced. The restaurant partners with Elem, an association training youth at risk to work in the restaurant industry.
  • Mirage is a small cafe at the back of Beit Romano on Park Hamesila.
  • Miznon is a street food restaurant with most dishes served in pita bread. Miznon has three branches in Tel Aviv, and branches in Drorim Mall near Netanya, Park Cramim near Jerusalem, and Ashdod.
  • North Abraxas is a slightly more formal restaurant with casual food designed for sharing.
  • Pizza Teder is a pizzeria in the courtyard of Beit Romano in Tel Aviv, where Teder FM is recorded.
  • Port Sa’id is more of a bar than a restaurant and has predominantly outside seating. It is popular with the young Tel Aviv crowd and normally requires waiting for a table.
  • Romano is a lounge bar located in Beit Romano in Tel Aviv. There is a fun atmosphere without being too loud.

Eyal Shani Restaurants around the world

  • Naked Tomato by Eyal Shani is an Israeli Shipudia (meat skewers) restaurant in Hudson Yards in New York City.
  • North by Eyal Shani is a restaurant in the Six Senses resort in Ibiza.
  • North Miznon is a cross between Miznon and North Abraxas with branches in DubaiNew York City, and Singapore.
  • Port Sa’id‘s outpost in New York is on Hudson Square and like the Tel Aviv branch, is more of a bar than a restaurant and encourages walk-ins.
  • Seven North is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the 7th District of Vienna with a vibrant atmosphere and menu designed for sharing.
  • Shmoné is a bistro on 8th Street in Greenwich Village, NYC with a seasonal, market-driven menu. Shmoné was recently added to Michelin’s list of recommended NY restaurants.

Shani will soon be opening new branches of Miznon in Lisbon and Barcelona and is also planning to open more branches of HaSalon.

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