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Kosher Restaurants Around Israel

A Guide to Kosher Restaurants Around Israel

Whether you live in Israel and are staycationing or if you are a tourist who has finally made it back to Israel, for those who keep kosher, finding kosher restaurants in cities you are not familiar with can be challenging. There are also a lot of new kosher restaurants that I have opened all over Israel.

Here are some suggestions of kosher restaurants to check out while traveling around Israel:

Northern Israel Kosher Restaurants

Hadera to Haifa Kosher Restaurants

  • BP Bistro is a great choice when you have family members with different tastes. The main focus of the restaurant is on grilled and smoked meat, as well as a choice of 13 different burgers and 7 sloppy joes. However, the menu also includes grilled fish, sushi, stir fry dishes, salads and various hummus dishes. BP has a branch on the coastal road outside Netanya and another one at Rubin Junction (Tzomet Rupin) There are also two branches in Haifa, Haifa Ba,y and Horev Center.
  • Brisket is the kind of restaurant where people who like smoked meat will make a special trip to Hadera It is conveniently located on Road 4 and an ideal place for a meal on the way up North. Meat is available to purchase by weight or as a sandwich. The variety of meat includes brisket, asado, lamb, chicken, chorizo and ribs.
  • Gal’s Bakery in Merkaz Carmel in Haifa is a quaint cafe with fresh food and pastries. The cafe has a full menu but the highlights are the buttery, flaky savory and sweet pastries. The outside courtyard is a wonderful sanctuary in the summer.
  • Haroeh Bacaffe is a picturesque cafe in Moshav Kfar Haroeh with a large garden. The menu is varied and it is a nice place to stop off on a journey up north or for an outing in the area. There is also a small bakery attached to the restaurant.
  • Hameyasdim 16 is a simple meat restaurant on the main road into Zichron Yaakov. The food and service are friendly and efficient and most of the food is cooked in a taboon oven.
  • Jacob’s Farm is a cafe, cheese shop, and ice cream parlor in a rural setting in Kfar Haroeh. As well as cheese platters, the cafe serves salads, sandwiches, and picnics can also be ordered.
  • Shaltieli is one of the few kosher beach restaurants in Israel. Located on the beach in Haifa, the menu includes classic Israeli dishes such as grilled meat, salads, schnitzel, shakshuka and other snacks.
  • Tishbi Winery located on the road from Binyamina to Zichron Yaakov has a spacious dairy restaurant. There is a closed-in porch with long tables and an outside area, shaded by grapevines. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch with a rich and varied menu. There is also a sourdough bakery, a wine and Valrhona chocolate tasting room and on Fridays, the Tishbi BBQ Garage smoked meat truck is at the back of the winery. There is also a Tishbi restaurant on the pedestrian main street of Zichron Yaakov which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a large outdoor terrace.

Galil Kosher Restaurants

  • Alto Dairy is a boutique goat cheese farm in Kibbutz Shomrat near Akko. The cafe is surrounded by a fruit orchard and the inside area has a viewing window to the cheese production. The cafe serves breakfast, sandwiches, salads and quiches.
  • Batzir 66 is a meat bistro in the Tabor Winery in Kfar Tavor open for lunch.
  • Beit Ha’ugot (Mehadrin) is a cafe in the heart of Tzfat located in an old stone building with decking outside the restaurant. The food is freshly prepared and there is a large selection of cakes and biscuits for sale.
  • HaTzuk is located on the edge of the cliff on the border of Israel and Lebanon, next to the entrance to the Rosh Hanikra cable car. Sitting on the outer deck feels like you are suspended over the sea. The menu includes grilled meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes.
  • Mizpe Hayamim Restaurant is a dairy farm-to-table restaurant inside the Mizpe Hayamim Hotel.
  • Nadav Kinuhim is one of my favorite cafes in the country. It is located in an industrial park in Ramat Yishay but the food makes up for the setting.  The restaurant serves a wide selection of dairy dishes, including homemade pasta and quiches. But it is also a great place to stop off and buy sweet and savory pastries for picnics or eating on the road.
  • Noalush is the definition of a hidden gem, located in the industrial area of Tarshisha Kfar Vradim. The bakery store sells a range of sweets and pastries that you would expect to see in a French patisserie. The delicatessen stocks a range of high-end cheese, fish, spreads, and salads. The intimate cafe has seating on a covered terrace and a small courtyard outside the delicatessen.
  • Morgenfeld is a South American steak house overlooking Achziv Beach. The restaurant has a large outdoor plaza with palm trees and beautiful views of the sea.
  • Rachmim Simcha veBanav is a traditional meat grill restaurant in Rosh Pina.
  • Roots is a restaurant by Chef Uri Arnold in the Old City of Akko. The restaurant is beautifully designed to carefully complement the cave-like stone building where it is housed.
  • Sogo Bar is a meat bistro in the city center of Nahariya with a covered terrace area and a fun vibe. The menu is similar to many meat restaurants around Israel.
  • Sumac is a meat chef restaurant in Villa Galilee boutique hotel in Tzfat. The restaurant is run by Chef Daniel Shalit, a graduate of Game of Chefs, with a focus on Galilee dishes and ingredients.
  • Tanduka is a meat restaurant in Yokneam HaMoshava in the lower Galil.
  • Tosha Bakery is a dairy cafe in Achziv, near Rosh Hanikra, with a great selection of cakes and pastries.
  • Yesh Po Pizza is a small local pizza parlor in central Nahariya, but the dough is delicious and I love the Truffle Pizza.

Kinneret  and Golan Kosher Restaurants

  • Cafe BeRotem is a small local cafe overlooking the desert landscape of the Jordan Valley. It is the perfect place to stop for a drink or snack on the journey to the Golan via Route 90. Rotem is close to the main road just south of Beit Shean.
  • Decks restaurant is located on the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) Lido and serves roasted and grilled meat and fish.
  • Dudis in Givat Yoav is a delicatessen, dairy cafe, and meaty bistro and bar, focusing on local produce. The dairy cafe includes a great selection of cheeses and fresh sandwiches and toast. While the meat menu serves Gillis burgers and tapas.
  • Ein Gev Fish Restaurant is a fish restaurant with a spacious veranda overlooking the lake and the Ein Gev fishing harbor. There is also the option to take a fishing cruise or spend the day as a fisherman and catch the fish before you eat it.
  • Gillis Steak House in Moshav Nov is one of my favorite restaurants in the country. It is only open on  Thursday nights and for private events. There are no special sauces or fancy plating, just delicious well-cooked high-quality grass-fed beef. The service is incredibly warm and the Gillis family personally hosts all their guests.
  • HaBikta is a grilled meat restaurant in Ramot in the Golan.
  • Habokrim Restaurant is a steak house in Kibbutz Merom HaGolan, at the Eastern edge of the Golan.
  • Hanachtom Pizza is a tiny bakery in Bnei Yehuda without any tables but it is a great place for grabbing a quick bite while touring the Golan. They have a selection of sourdough bread, and gourmet pizza.
  • Helena (Mehadrin) is a bar and restaurant in a historic building in Beit Shean with a modern menu focusing on meat dishes and a range of cocktails.
  • Iskandar (Mehadrin) is a meat restaurant next to the Jordan River, attached to a water sports club that includes white water rafting, kayaking, paintballing, and other activities near Kibbutz Gadot in the Upper Galilee.
  • Lotte by Assaf Granit is a beautiful chef restaurant in the Galei Kinneret Hotel with a terrace directly overlooking the Kinneret. The menu includes dishes from other Machenyuda Group, using local Galilean produce.
  • Sadot Winery is a boutique winery with a lovely covered terrace for lunch, with a view of the surrounding fields and a simple menu of cheese platters and salads.
  • The Setai Sea of Galilee is a five-star hotel on the East side of the Kinneret with a dairy lounge bar-restaurant.

If you are planning to visit wineries while traveling in the North, here is a list of my top ten winery visits in Northern Israel.

Merkaz Kosher Restaurants

Herzliya Pituach, Raanana & Netanya Kosher Restaurants

  • Bo Nochal in De Shalit Square in Herzliya Pituach is one of my favorite Israeli grill restaurants. The restaurant itself is remarkably simple, but the food is always fresh and the service friendly. They offer takeaway and table service. Great schnitzel and shawarma.
  • BP Bistro is an American diner on the main road just outside Netanya. The menu includes something for everyone and the food is good value for money.
  • Cafe Tiran is a French-style dairy cafe in Tiran Square in Herzliya Pituach from the same owners as Yankale Cafe. The menu is similar to Yankale but serves more traditional French food.
  • Chubby’s is an American Diner in the Island View Complex in Netanya.
  • FS9 is a meat restaurant from the owners of Yankale Cafe, located across the square. They do not take bookings and it is always busy. The menu is varied, and many dishes are designed for sharing.
  • Greg Cafe (Mehadrin) is a dairy chain cafe directly on Sironit Beach in Netanya with a large covered terrace on a platform on the beach.
  • Hayekev (Badatz Chatam Sofer) is an Italian-style dairy restaurant in Netanya with a large outside terrace on the promenade overlooking the sea.
  • Herbert Samuel in the Ritz Carlton Herzliya is a chef restaurant overlooking the Marina. Although it is a meat restaurant, the fish and vegetarian dishes are also delicious. I have eaten there many times and the food was always delicious.
  • Maree Sky Lounge is a lounge bar on the 15th floor of the Vert Lagoon Hotel in Netanya, serving meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes.
  • Marrakesh is a Moroccan restaurant on the Netanya promenade serving traditional Moroccan dishes.
  • Minato in Herzliya Pituach is one of the best sushi restaurants in Israel with quality ingredients and precise flavors. The menu includes some Asian delicious, cooked dishes like Agedashi Tofu, Katsu Chicken and Minato Yakiniku (entrecote with a mild mirin sauce).
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant on Sironit beach in North Netanya.
  • Queen Lu is a very good-quality kosher sushi restaurant in Raanana. They also have Asian dishes such as Som Tam (green papaya salad) and stir-fried dishes with homemade flat rice noodles.
  • Yammos is a Greek-style fish and meat restaurant on Sironit beach in North Netanya.
  • Yankale Cafe is one of my favorite cafes in Israel. The varied menu and I have never been disappointed by anything I have ordered, including salads, pasta, breakfast and pastries. There is also a fun vibe and the cafe is always busy.

Caesaria Kosher Restaurants

  • Aresto (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a simple dairy Italian restaurant in the historic setting of the Caesarea Port. Classic Italian dishes include Arancini, Roman-style artichoke, as well as a variety of pasta, pizza and calzone, including gluten-free pasta. Access to the Caesarea National Park is NIS 14 per person, so make sure you allow time to explore the museum and ruins.
  • Hazalbanim (Crusaders Restaurant) is a meat restaurant in the Caesarea Port, by the same owners as Aresto. It features a large outdoor area overlooking the sea. Even though it is a meat restaurant, there is an extensive fish menu with several whole fish by weight, such as grouper, sea bream, sea bass and St Peter’s fish.
  • Mariposa overlooking the golf course in Caesaria is now a kosher fish and meat restaurant.
  • Minato Bar is the sister restaurant to Minato in Herzliya with a similar menu.
  • Port Cafe in the Caesarea Port serves breakfast daily until midday, followed by a varied lunch and dinner Mediterranean menu which includes small tapas dishes, salads, grilled fish and meat, and taboon baked dishes.

Tel Aviv Area Kosher Restaurants

If you are looking for a good kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, this list includes my Top 10 Kosher Tel Aviv & Herzliya Restaurants.

Here is a list of newly opened kosher restaurants in the Tel Aviv area:

  • Dvora is a spacious restaurant off the lobby of the Debrah Brown Hotel on Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv. Specialty dishes include roast beef and gravlax served on a large stone.
  • FishKitchen is the dairy and fish sister of MeatKitchen in South Tel Aviv in place of Deca.
  • Kirsh Cafe is a bakery and cafe in Tel Aviv, featuring traditional Austrian and Hungarian baked goods. It is owned by one of the former owners of Zuni in Jerusalem and features Zuni’s famous French Toast. Owner Dan Kirsh also has a cafe in New York.
  • Manara is a Levantine-style dairy fish restaurant in the Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel, by Chef Nimrod Hadas and the TYO group.
  • Ola Ola is a fish and dairy restaurant in Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv,  by Chef Shaked Pahima, the owner of Doha.
  • Poupee bar and restaurant in Tel Aviv is newly kosher and Chef Aviv Moshe has taken over the kitchen.
  • Qumran has opened on Haarba Street in Tel Aviv in place of the recently closed Makoto (which took over from Quattro). The kitchen is run by Chef Dima Manshrov who was previously a private chef and the menu focuses on contemporary raw fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.
  • Rashel from Ashkelon Marina opened a branch in Namal Tel Aviv. The lounge bar and restaurant has a Moroccan-themed menu.
  • Sereia is a fish-based dairy restaurant in The David Kempinski hotel in Tel Aviv,  with an outside terrace overlooking the beach.
  • The Common is a cocktail lounge with a meat menu, a cigar room, and an outside terrace, in The David Kempinski hotel in Tel Aviv.

Petach Tikva Kosher Restaurants

  • Baker Saloon is a cocktail bar in Petah Tikva from the owner of Dreamerie Bakery. The menu includes bar food dishes such as fish cigars, fish & chips, tuna tataki, and mushrooms filled with polenta.
  • Hamikdash is a steak restaurant that recently moved from Kfar Saba to Petach Tikva.
  • Manuel– Italian dairy menu, including gluten-free pasta.
  • Nihon no-ba is a Japanese bar and restaurant in Petach Tikva by Chef Moshe Segev.
  • Nini Choo – sushi and Asian dishes with non-kitniyot options.
  • Ninesih Bar – fish, meat, and drinks menu.
  • ZOKO by Izidor Segal (Tzohar) is a smoked meat restaurant in Kiryat Ono. It was originally opened as a pop-up but is now a permanent fixture.

Jerusalem Area Kosher Restaurants

Jerusalem Kosher Restaurants

I have already written so many posts about eating in Jerusalem, most of which are referenced in this post, The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Jerusalem. Rather than repeating the same information, here is a list of some of my favorite newly opened kosher restaurants in Jerusalem over the last 12-18 months.

  • Aka is a Turkish kebab restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Black Iron is a steakhouse bar near Shuk Machane Yehuda, with a menu focused on Wagyu beef with a few grilled chicken, fish, and vegetable options. The Wagyu Denver Steak and Prime Rib are my favorites.
  • Cafe Lyon (Mehadrin) is a dairy cafe with a varied menu that includes breakfasts, sandwiches, toast, salads, pasta, grilled fish, and more.
  • Craft Restaurant (Mehadrin) is a pizza restaurant on Shlomtzion in Jerusalem from the owner of Craft Pizza. The sour-dough pizza is made in a wood-fired oven and interesting toppings include smoky beets, camembert & honey, and portobello mushroom & truffle oil. There is also a selection of side dishes and a cocktail menu.
  • Fringe is a dairy and fish restaurant on the ground floor of the Jerusalem Theater from the Talbiye group. The menu is varied and exciting with a mix of dishes from the Levant. Fringe is beautifully decorated but the location in the foyer of the Jerusalem Theater takes away from the ambiance. The food was all delicious and very creative.
  • GG Kubala is a newly kosher street food restaurant by the MachneYuda group, near the shuk.
  • Golden Burger is a burger restaurant on Rehov Hillel in central Jerusalem from the Rothschild Group. The burgers are made from 100% entrecote steak and are served on a toasted brioche bun with a  signature homemade sauce. T
  • Mitzle is a meat street food restaurant by Chef Avi Levy specializing in Turkish food, with lamb and veal shwarma served in laffa bread.
  • Palomino (Tzohar) is an Italian restaurant and lounge bar with inside and outside seating. The food and atmosphere are great, but for me, the service let down the experience.
  • Veranda is a meat grill restaurant on the terrace of the David Citadel Hotel, overlooking the Old City (Veranda English menu).

Jerusalem Outskirts Kosher Restaurants

  • Agrocafe, Moshav Srigim, near Beit Shemesh – a cafe with amazing coffee and Pesach pastries.
  • Cafe Hamamat HaSachlavim (Tzohar) is a beautiful café housed inside an orchid greenhouse, close to the entrance of Kibbutz Ma’ale HaHamisha. The breakfast menu includes traditional dishes like shakshuka and croissant sandwiches, but also more unique dishes from the taboon oven, including my favorite dish, Egg in the Nest, fried eggs served on top of focaccia bread, covered with a mushroom, coconut milk and pecorino sauce.
  • Derech Hagefen is set in a picturesque garden center surrounded by tranquil fish ponds and beautiful foliage, inside scenic Moshav Beit Zeit, 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem. The breakfast menu includes a variety of dishes, including shakshuka, French toast, Eggs Benedict, vegan breakfast, and more. Derech Hagefen is also a wonderful place for lunch and dinners, with a varied dairy menu.
  • Gracia Restaurant is an Italian dairy restaurant in Mevasert Zion.
  • Gush Etzion Winery (Mehadrin) is a dairy restaurant inside the winery that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and there is an option to have a wine tasting as part of the meal.
  • Hacnaanit is a smoked meat food truck at the entrance of Kfar Adumim.
  • Ikar Haaretz is a simple cafe in Kibbutz Beit Nekofa with fresh ingredients and friendly service.

South Israel Kosher Restaurants

Ashdod & Ashkelon Area Kosher Restaurants

  • Armonim is a spacious chef restaurant in the Dream Island Spa & Resort in Sde Yoav. It mostly serves the hotel guests and spa visitors, but it is also open to outside guests. The food is beautifully prepared and presented and the service is friendly and attentive.
  • Cafe Gan Sipur is a family-friendly cafe in Ashdod Yam Park, next to the beach.
  • Derby Bar (Badatz) serves a variety of grilled fish and meat.
  • Dunya is a high-end street food restaurant overlooking the Ashkelon Marina with a party atmosphere.
  • Kaiyfuye is a dairy Georgian restaurant on the Ashdod promenade specializing in traditional cheesy pastries, salads, and fish.
  • Namaste is an Indian restaurant overlooking the beach in Ashdod.
  • Nisso Hadayag in the Ashkelon Marina is a grilled fish and meat restaurant with a spacious outdoor area.
  • Pescado is one of the best fish restaurants in the country and is located opposite the beach in Ashdod. Here is a full review.
  • Rashel is a Morrocan meat restaurant in the Ashkelon Marina.
  • Ratatui in Moshav Emunim is a dairy restaurant with a bible of a menu. It mostly caters to large Israeli family meals. As well as the main restaurant, there are also numerous small conservatories around the restaurant which are great for small events or family celebrations.
  • Space is the neighboring meat restaurant by the same owners.

Modiin Area Kosher Restaurants

  • Alaesh Grill is a meat grill restaurant in Modiin from the former owners of Pichonka.
  • Fedrik is a newly kosher meat restaurant in Yishpru Industrial Area in Modiin.
  • Gaston, Airport City is a steakhouse near the Airport which recently became kosher.
  • Meet & Meat is a smoked meat restaurant in Modiin
  • Michalis Cafe (Mehadrin) is a lovely French-style dairy cafe in the Yishpru Industrial Area in Modiin.
  • Peppino is an authentic neighborhood Italian restaurant in Modiin with delicious food and friendly service.

Rishon Le Zion &  Rehovot Area Kosher Restaurants

  • Campania (Badatz Machpud) in Rishon LeZion, is a meat and fish Turkish-style grill restaurant.
  • Newshi serves sushi and stir-fry noodle dishes in Ness Ziona.
  • Nina Bianca is a spacious dairy and fish restaurant in Tzomet Bilu near Rehovot. The restaurant has a large outside sitting area and offers a great business lunch.
  • Rak Kacha, Rishon Le Zion – meat sandwiches in Pesach laffa, meat and rice plates,  salads ad dips.
  • Sorento (Mehadrin Chatam Sofer & Badatz Beit Yosef), Rishon Le Zion – Italian dairy restaurant with pasta, pizza, fish, and salads.
  • Sphera Kitchen & Bar is a meat restaurant in the Colonia Event Resort in Rehovot.
  • Toro Grill, Rishon Le Zion – traditional Bucharian meat restaurant.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the kosher restaurants in Israel, but rather gives a selection of kosher options in the various areas around the country. If you have other restaurants to recommend to be added to this please, please comment below or share your feedback on Restaurant Club Israel or Restaurant Club Jerusalem.

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  1. You have missed the very best chalavi restaurant in all of Israel, Carrousel a French bistro in Ra’anana. Chef owned by Steffane who makes everything served. A qualified chef and teacher of French cooking. Delightful atmosphere and amazing food.

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