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Israel Restaurant Openings Roundup 2022

A Roundup of the Key Israel Restaurant Openings in 2022.

I have created this list of Israeli restaurant openings to help tourists to keep track of the new places that have opened in the last year around Israel, and to remind locals of the new places they need to check out.

For those places that I have managed to try, I have included my thoughts but I would love to hear your feedback if you have tried any of the restaurants on this list. Leave a comment below or share a review on Restaurant Club Israel or Restaurant Club Jerusalem.

Here is a list of the most interesting restaurant openings in Israel for 2022:

Kosher Israel Restaurant Openings

  • Amiri Bistro is a Mediterranean bistro in Emek Hefer Industrial Park open for lunch and dinner.
  • Chateau Margaux (Ahuzat Margo) is a French restaurant in Beit Josephson, a historical building in Rehovot.
  • Dorada is a fish restaurant and lounge bar near the Ashdod Marina.
  • DNA TLV is a food truck complex on the ground floor of the Azrieli Center.  The central bar has 120 seats, and food can be ordered from any of the four food trucks. The site is supervised by Chef Yossi Shitrit.
  • Dvora by Eyal Shani is the Chef’s newest kosher restaurant in the Debrah Brown Hotel on Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv. The menu includes some of Shani’s signature dishes such as the bag of garlicky green beans, lima beans, and HaSalon’s Foccacia. I really like the food and the ambiance at Dvora, possibly more than Malka.
  • Echikidana is a dairy Indian restaurant on Hillel Street in Jerusalem.
  • El Dali Bar is a Spanish-style cafe and deli by day and bar by night on Allenby in Tel Aviv. The bar hires people who are on the autistic spectrum.
  • George & Brothers is an American Bistro in Tel Aviv with French owners, serving nachos, chicken wings, hot dogs, and more.
  • Ibn Ezra is a meat grill restaurant near Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv by Elran Scherpler, the son of Ezra (Azura Restaurant Jerusalem).
  • Kirsh Cafe is a bakery and cafe in Tel Aviv, featuring traditional Austrian and Hungarian baked goods.
  • Koji is a Japanese restaurant and fish shop in Rosh Pina. The menu includes a variety of sushi, along with bao buns, gyoza, and ramen.
  • Kyoto Nei is a sushi and Asian fusion restaurant in Rishon Le Zion. It is the first kosher branch of the Kyoto chain.
  • Lola (Mehadrin) is a dairy Italian restaurant on the beach promenade in Ashdod.
  • Madame Brioche (Mehadrin) is a French cafe on Moshav Yaara in Upper Galilee.
  • Manara is a Levantine-style dairy fish restaurant in the Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel, by Chef Nimrod Hadas and the TYO group.
  • Mangal is a barbeque restaurant in Haifa from the owners of Zafririm 1. The simple menu has three sections, BBQ meats, vegetables, and fish.
  • Maree Sky Lounge is a lounge bar on the 15th floor of the Vert Lagoon Hotel in Netanya. The menu has been created by Chef Aviv Moshe and includes a variety of raw and cooked meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The bar is open on Shabbat with a cold menu.
  • Margo (Tzohar) is a dairy restaurant and wine bar in the Stay Inn Hotel in central Jerusalem. The menu includes small dishes and the restaurant has a lounge vibe with good food and cocktails.
  • Mariposa overlooking the golf course in Caesaria became a kosher fish and meat restaurant.
  • Meat Bagel is a meat bagel stand by the owners of Holy Bagel in Modiin.
  • Miss & Mr is a meat restaurant and cocktail bar in Kikar HaMuscia in Jerusalem. Here is the menu in Hebrew.
  • MojoSan is an Asian self-service restaurant in the Piano Center in Netanya. This is the first kosher restaurant from the Mojo restaurant group. The menu includes sushi, steamed buns, bubble tea, and dim sum.
  • Roshfeld is a restaurant by Chef Yonatan Roshfeld in the Panda Hotel in Neve Ativ in the Golan, close to Mount Hermon. The menu uses local ingredients with a focus on local meat and fish.
  • Rothschild 11 is a steak restaurant in central Tel Aviv with a variety of steaks, as well as burgers, lamb chops, oxtail stew, and other dishes.
  • Qumran is a meat restaurant on Haarba Street in Tel Aviv with a menu focused on contemporary raw fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Reviews so far have not been good for the food and service.
  • Salon Yevani Ashdod is a Greek meat restaurant by Chef Guy Peretz in the West Boutique Ashdod. It is the sister restaurant of Salon Yevani, a dairy fish restaurant in the West Tel Aviv Hotel.
  • Segev Bar & Lounge is a lounge bar in Petach Tikva by Chef Moshe Segev, next to his other restaurant Nihon no-ba.
  • Sereia is a fish-based dairy restaurant in The David Kempinski hotel in Tel Aviv,  with an outside terrace overlooking the beach.
  • Shifra & Jamil is a grilled meat skewer restaurant in Herzliya Hills.
  • Shukriya (Tzohar) is a dairy event space in central Jerusalem offering workshops, chef meals, and culinary events for 15- 40 people. They are open as a cafe on Friday for brunch.
  • Solo Carne (Badatz Ada Haredit) is a meat restaurant in Bnei Barak by Chef De Zipori. The menu includes a selection of grilled meat sandwiches and bowls, including sloppy joe, pulled beef, and lachuch arais.
  • Surfside Seaview Restaurant is a classic meat grill restaurant in the main dining room of the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel, run by Chef Yehuda Amar, winner of Master Chef Israel 2018.
  • Sushi Bar Bazel is a popular sushi and Asian restaurant in Tel Aviv which was located on Frishman for many years and is now kosher and in the lobby of the Prima City Hotel on Mapu Street.
  • The Common is a cocktail lounge with a meat menu, a cigar room, and an outside terrace, in The David Kempinski hotel in Tel Aviv. The food is excellent and the bar has a fun vibe.
  • Titi Martin is a meat bar and restaurant in Rishon LeZion serving cocktails with burgers, pizza with vegan cheese, caesar salad, and other bar food.
  • Viet Taam (Mehadrin) is a Vietnamese restaurant in Netanya serving Pho, Banh Mi, spring rolls, stir-fried noodles, and vermicelli noodle salads.

Non-Kosher Israel Restaurant Openings

  • Asado Bar is a South American meat grill restaurant in Kibbutz  Alonim in Lower Galilee, by the Roizner family originally from Uruguay.
  • Bar Yam is a fish and seafood restaurant and wine bar in Downtown Haifa.
  • Cafe Nono is a cafe serving specialty coffee, sandwiches, and pastries in Binyamina.
  • Cichukai is an Asian restaurant by Chef Or Ginsberg, owner of Selas in the Flea Market in Jaffa.
  • CocBeachCoco Thai are Thai restaurants by MKR contestants Nadav and Daniel on Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv. They are closed in the winter.
  • Crudo is an Italian restaurant and bar in Haifa by Chef Alaa Musa of Lux and Knafeh de Lux in Haifa. Lux is one of my favorite restaurants in Israel so I am sure Crudo is delicious.
  • Del Mar is a chef restaurant in a historic building in Carmel in Haifa with stunning views of Haifa Bay. The restaurant is run by Chef Ido Malkin who previously worked for Chefs Meir Adoni and Moshik Roth and the menu focuses on fish and seafood.
  • Dinner is a bar and lounge restaurant in the Nachalat Binyamin area of Tel Aviv.
  • Fed & Bev is a tapas bar and restaurant in Nahalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv by Masterchef finalist Chef Shahar Levi. Unusual dishes include “Lag B’Omer” which is a dish of slow-roasted smoky potatoes, served with sour cream and fried crickets!
  • Greco Beach is a Greek restaurant on the Royal Beach Promenade in Eilat, Greco Ouzeri & Cafe is a Greek tavern, cafe, and bakery in Tel Aviv, and Greco Taverna is a Greek restaurant in Hod HaSharon, all by the Greco group.
  • Hamramorut is a jazz and tapas bar by Chefs Shadi Isavi and Ilan Peron and is the little sister of Talpiot restaurant in Haifa. The bar has limited seating and the menu offers a selection of small dishes to accompany the drinks.
  • HIBA is the new restaurant by Chef Yossi Shitrit in the Midtown Building in Tel Aviv. The restaurant serves a 12-course tasting menu focusing on contemporary versions of traditional Middle Eastern dishes. The menu costs NIS 450 per person excluding alcohol and there is a maximum of 40 diners each night.
  • Issa Fish Market is a fish restaurant and shop in the new Noga complex in Yafo. Diners can select fresh fish from the store and choose to have it grilled, baked, or fried.
  • Jeffrey’s is an American sandwich and hot dog restaurant in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv, serving Sloppy Joe, Rubens, and Philly steak sandwiches. 
  • Kilometrage is the restaurant in the Brown Brut Hotel in Tel Aviv, by Chef Idan Bushari aka Pompia. Bushari was the winner of the TV show Israel’s Next Restaurant and previously worked as a chef for the Machneyuda Group.
  • Koh Thai is a Thai restaurant in Beersheva from the Kampai restaurant group.
  • La Cappa is a pizza restaurant in Kfar Saba by chefs Tal Haimovich and Moran Mirelman, who previously worked at Cafe Italia and Magazino. The pizza is sold by weight and there are also Italian sandwiches and Sfogliatella for dessert.
  • Lear Rooftop is a bar on the roof of the Lear Sense Hotel in Gedera which is only open on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Lucky Chicken is a fried chicken restaurant in Bitan Aharon near Netanya. The chicken sandwiches are served in brioche buns. Check out the Lucky Chicken English menu for a list of all the goodness.
  • Mamo is a restaurant in the Stay Hotel Eilat by Chef Ohad Levi who previously worked at Cicchetti and Social Club in Tel Aviv. He was a competitor in Israel’s Next Restaurant and even though he didn’t win the competition he has opened a restaurant focusing on modern Mediterranean cuisine served on small plates intended for sharing.
  • Mood is a dairy fish bar and restaurant in the Now Hotel in Eilat.
  • Moran Slow Dining is a farm-to-table restaurant by Chef Nitai Yahalom focusing on local organic ingredients and Arab Galilean cuisine. The restaurant is in Slow Ness boutique hotel on Kibbutz Moran in Lower Galilee.
  • Porter House is a steak restaurant in Nof HaGalil by the Hinnawi Group. The kitchen is run by David Almakeys (previously of David and Yossef) and the restaurant includes a deli, a meat aging room, and a Wine & More store.
  • Omnia by Angus is a steak restaurant in the Dabach Mall in Deir El Assad near Karmiel. The restaurant is a collaboration between cattle breeder Fadi Dabah and Chef Zuzu Hana of Magdalena in Migdal and focuses on Levantine food with Galilean produce.
  • Onyx is a tapas restaurant and bar in Downtown Haifa with an eclectic menu, including Indian pani puri, wasabi shrimp, and Vitello Tonnato, a classic Italian dish of veal and tuna.
  • Raseef 33 is a new restaurant in Downtown Haifa by Chef Hamudi Okala, partnered with the owner of his  Akko restaurant,  Sama. The menu focuses on Galilean dishes using local ingredients.
  • Rotch 64 is a bistro and cocktail bar in Rishon LeZion.
  • Ruhan is a cocktail bar and restaurant on the roof of the Brown JLM Hotel on Hillel Street in Jerusalem in partnership with Chef Orel Kimchi of the popular Tel Aviv restaurant Popina. The food is interesting and they have a good selection of classic cocktails.
  • Steakiat HaBokrim is the Tel Aviv branch of the Haifa-based American-style steak restaurant.
  • Temerlin is a meat restaurant, deli, and butcher in Nahalal in the Jezreel Valley, replacing Octagon.
  • Tirza is a wine bar in Lewinsky market in Tel Aviv by Chef Raz Rahav of OCD. This is an excellent opportunity to taste Chef Rahav’s food without waiting 6 months for a reservation. The wine menu includes approximately 50 wines available by the glass.
  • Toti is an Arabic restaurant in Kfar Dvoria in the Jezreel Valley serving traditional Arabic food, along with Neopolitan Pizza.
  • Ulu Winery is a winery in the Judean Hills with a spacious restaurant that is open on Thursday night and Friday during the day.
  • Uno is an Italian restaurant on the water in Akko by Chef Roni Khalifa, focusing on fish and seafood. The restaurant is from the owners of Al Marsa and Sama in Akko.
  • Upperitivo is a wine and cocktail bar in the lobby of Ultra Hotel in Tel Aviv.
  • Vareniks is an Eastern European dumpling restaurant in Haifa. Dumpling fillings include traditional potato with fried onions, potato with sour cream, and sweet cherry. Other fillings include Hungarian goulash and labaneh with zaatar.

If you try any of these restaurants, please share your feedback on Restaurant Club Israel or Restaurant Club Jerusalem. Follow Debbest on Facebook, and Instagram and subscribe to this newsletter to receive regular updates on the Foodie Israel scene.

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  1. A great list, comprehensive as always.

    Note: Ahan Thai has already closed. Ohad Levi just won Most Promising Chef in the 2022 AMEX Israel Culinary Awards.

    Happy New Year,

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