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Hametz – the final countdown 2023

A List of Kosher Restaurants Serving Hametz the Night before Pesach 2023.

Observant Muslims fast for a month, observant Christians cut out sweets for a month, we Jews cut out bread for a week and you would think we will never get to eat it again! So finding somewhere to eat the last fix of bread before Pesach is something those who keep kosher take very seriously.  Last year there was a full week of chol hamoed so most kosher restaurants around Israel were open for Pesach.  Therefore most kosher restaurants were either already serving Pesach food, or closed the night before to change over. This year a lot of restaurants have chosen to not open for Pesach, so there are far more options to indulge for the last hametz meal.

Here is a list of kosher restaurants that will be open the day before Pesach serving hametz:

Jerusalem Area Hametz Restaurants

  • 1868 is a meat chef’s restaurant in a historic building with an interesting and diverse menu.
  • Aka is a Turkish kebab (fast food) restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Andalucia, (Mehuderet) is a Spanish-themed tapas and cocktail bar in a beautifully decorated building. The bar is located on Kikar Hamusica with a large outdoor space. Here is the Andalucia English Menu.
  • Anthony’s Pizza (Mehadrin) is a Roman-style pizza restaurant near the Iriah in the City Center.
  • Beer Bazaar is a beer hall with a large selection of beers and bar food, with branches in Shuk Machane Yehuda and on Rehov Yaffo with a beer garden.
  • Cafe La Giardino is a dairy Italian cafe in Katamon.
  • Cafe Lyon (Mehadrin) is a dairy cafe with a varied menu that includes breakfasts, sandwiches, toast, salads, pasta, grilled fish, and more.
  • Cafe Rimon (Mehadrin) off Ben Yehuda has a meat and dairy restaurant.
  • Cafe Shalva (Mehadrin) is a dairy cafe in Shalva National Center.
  • Craft Pizza (Mehadrin) has a stall in the shuk serving NY-style pizza and a restaurant in town serving traditional Neopolitan-style pizza. Both serve great pizza with a lovely sourdough base and flavorful sauce.
  • Grand Cafe is a cross between a French patisserie and a high-end New York diner.
  • Hamotzi is a North African meat restaurant by Chef Avi Levy near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Harvey’s Smokehouse (Mehuderet) is an American-style smoked meat restaurant.
  • Hatch (Mehadrin) serves craft beer and American-style bar food in Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Ishtabach (Mehadrin) serves Shamburak, a Kurdish Syrian pastry filled with meat and vegetables, baked in a stone oven.
  • Jachnun Bar in Shuk Machane Yehuda serves Shakshukalawach, Pizzalawach, chocolate-filled Malawach, and Jachnun and is the ultimate hametz indulgence.
  • Jacko’s Street is a chef’s restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda, with a varied menu of vegetarian, fish, and meat dishes.
  • La Piedra (Mehadrin) is a pizza restaurant that also serves salads and fresh homemade pasta.
  • Miss & Mr is a cocktail bar in Kikar HaMuscia in Jerusalem with a meat and fish menu.
  • Medita is a meat bistro on Derech Hevron.
  • Modern is a meat restaurant at the entrance of the Israel Museum.
  • Naadi Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Jerusalem, known for its excellent breakfasts, and fresh and creative salads, and also has interesting pasta and fish dishes for dinner.
  • Nahman (Mehadrin) is a fish and dairy Italian restaurant in Kikar HaMusica.
  • Napoleon Cafe is a French cafe and bakery in Kikar HaMusica.
  • Naya is an Asian restaurant with branches in Beit Hakerem and in Beit Nekofa, just outside Jerusalem.
  • Papagaio is a Brazilian meat restaurant in Talpiot.
  • Pepito’s is a Latin street food restaurant near Shuk Machane Yehuda.
  • Piccolino (Mehadrin) is a  dairy Italian restaurant in Kikar HaMusica.
  • Pop Up Cafe is a dairy restaurant in Kiryat Anavim from the owners of Derech HaGefenNaya, and Cafe Shalva.
  • Roza Gush Etzion (Mehadrin) is a family-friendly, low-priced meat restaurant with gluten-free bread.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant with branches in Jerusalem (Badatz Machpud) & Bet Shemesh.
  • Shapedoni (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a meat grill bar on Yafo opposite the entrance to the closed shuk. Full English menu and online delivery.
  • Segev Burgers is a burger restaurant with branches in Talpiot and near the Shuk.
  • Sima is a traditional grill restaurant on Agripas.
  • Sushi Rehavia is an Asian fusion meat restaurant with branches on Emek Refaim and Azza.
  • The Eucalyptus (Tzohar) is a meat restaurant close to the Old City with a Biblical-themed menu.
  • Tzidkiyahu (Mehadrin) is a traditional grilled meat restaurant in Talpiot.
  • Zuta, is the cocktail bar of 1868, located at the back of the restaurant with a great bar food and cocktail menu.

Modiin, Petach Tikva & Rishon LeZion Area Hametz Restaurants

  • Alfredo (Mehadrin), Petach Tikva – dairy Italian restaurant, eat-in, takeaway, and delivery.
  • Campania (Badatz Machpud), Rishon LeZion – meat and fish Turkish-style grill restaurant.
  • Chateau Margaux (Ahuzat Margo) is a French restaurant in Beit Josephson, a historical building in Rehovot.
  • Donis is a Greek dairy and fish restaurant in Givat Shmuel.
  • Fedrik, Modiin – meat restaurant in Yishpro center.
  • Gaston is a steakhouse in Airport City.
  • Hamikdash is a steak restaurant that moved last year from Kfar Saba to Petach Tikva.
  • Hasdera (Tzohar) in Rehovot is a pub with a meat menu and stand-up comedy performances.
  • Japan Japan (Mehadrin), Ariel – sushi and Asian.
  • Jem’s Beer Factory is a meat pub food chain with branches in Modiin, two in Petach Tikva, and Rehovot.
  • LaLa Coffee & Bar, Rehovot – dairy and fish cafe.
  • Luciana (Badatz Beit Yosef) in Modiin is a dairy Italian restaurant.
  • Manuel in Petach Tikva is an Italian dairy restaurant with gluten-free pasta.
  • Meat the Bagel in Modiin is a meat bagel store from the Holy Bagel chain.
  • Meet & Meat in Modiin is a smoked meat restaurant.
  • Memphis (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a small burger restaurant in Petach Tikva with delicious burgers.
  • Michalis Cafe (Badatz Chug Chatam Sofer), Modiin – a lovely French-style dairy cafe in the Yishpru Industrial Area.
  • Nagisa sushi and Asian restaurant chain with branches in Lod (Mehadrin) & Rosh Haayin.
  • Nihon no-ba is Moshe Segev’s Japanese bar in Petah Tikva, serving sushi, cooked Japanese meat, and fish dishes.
  • Nineish Bar is a bar in Petah Tikva serving fish, meat, and drinks. It will also be open after Pesach for Mimouna!
  • Newshi in Ness Ziona serves sushi and stir fry noodle dishes.
  • Rotisserie Chicken Club  is a rotisserie chicken restaurant in Dan Town in Petach Tikva.
  • Roza (Badatz Beit Yosef), Modiin – family-friendly meat restaurant in Yishpru center.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant in Petach Tikva.
  • Sorento (Mehadrin Chatam Sofer & Badatz Beit Yosef), Rishon Le Zion – Italian dairy restaurant with pasta, pizza, fish, and salads.
  • Sphera Kitchen & Bar is a meat restaurant in the Colonia Event Resort in Rehovot, near the Science Park,  headed by Chef Beni Madar.

Tel Aviv Area Hametz Restaurants

  • Beer Bazaar is a beer hall with a large selection of beers and bar food, with branches in Yaffo Flea Market.
  • Bodega is an American-style burger restaurant, with takeaway and delivery on Wolt.
  • Fleishman Deli is a meat sandwich restaurant on Herzl.
  • Frida Bar (Kitniyot), Givatayim – meat tapas and cocktail bar, – here is the full Frida Bar menu in Hebrew.
  • HaKosem (Tzohar) falafel restaurant in Sarona Market.
  • Humus Eliyahoo branch in Sarona Market.
  • Jem’s Beer Factory is a meat pub food chain with branches in Givatayim and Ramat Hahayal.
  • Junam is a meat street food restaurant inside Sarona Market, focusing on Moroccan food.
  • Kaspi is a hummus restaurant serving salads, shakshuka, and more, located on Ben Yehuda.
  • Lorenz & Mintz is a French dairy cafe in Neve Zedek with a focus on brunch dishes.
  • Malka is Chef Eyal Shani’s original kosher restaurant, click here for my review and photos.
  • Memphis is a small burger restaurant with a branch near the Cinematheque and another one in Bnei Barak (Badatz Beit Yosef).
  • Mixi Salad Bar in Sarona Market.
  • Nagisa (Mehadrin) is a sushi and Asian restaurant chain with a branch in Ramat Gan.
  • Or Shpitz is a bakery on Bograshov.
  • Piazza Grande is a dairy Italian restaurant in Sarona Market.
  • Qumran is a restaurant bar with a menu that focuses on contemporary raw fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.
  • Rendez Vous  – French dairy restaurant in Neve Zedek.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant with a branch in Elephant Junction in Northern Tel Aviv.
  • Uno is an Italian dairy restaurant with a large outside area, serving salads, pasta, and fish.

Mercaz Hametz Restaurants

  • Amiri Bistro is a Mediterranean bistro in Emek Hefer Industrial Park open for lunch and dinner.
  • BP Bistro is an American diner-style food, with branches in Rupin Junction and Netanya, there is something for all the family.
  • Ella Patisserie in Emek Hefer is a picturesque dairy cafe.
  • Hazalbanim meat restaurant in Caesaria Port overlooking the water. The Pesach menu includes a wide variety of grilled meat and fish.
  • Jacob’s Farm is a cafe, cheese shop, and ice cream parlor in a rural setting in Kfar Haroeh. As well as cheese platters, the cafe serves salads, sandwiches, and picnics can also be ordered.
  • Jem’s Beer Factory is a meat pub food chain with branches in Piano Center Netanya, Kiryat HaSharon Netanya, Raanana, Caesarea, Herzliya, and Kfar Saba.
  • Mariposa is a fish and meat restaurant overlooking the golf course in Caesarea.
  • Minato is one of the best sushi restaurants in Israel, with branches in Herzliya Pituach and Caesarea.
  • Nachman Smokehouse is a smoke meat and BBQ grill house on the midrochov in Zichron Yaakov.
  • Nagisa is a sushi and Asian chain with branches in Raanana (Mehadrin), Kfar Saba & Netanya.
  • Nori is a sushi and Asian fusion restaurant in Netanya.
  • Papagaio (Mehadrin) is a Brazilian meat restaurant in the Herzliya Pituach Marina.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant with branches in Kfar Saba, Hadera, Zichron Yaakov, and Sironit beach in Netanya.
  • Segev Netanya is Chef Moshe Segev’s kosher meat restaurant.
  • Shloshet Hakaztavim in Netanya is a cross between a steak house and a traditional steakiah with unique dishes such as veal and turkey testicles, mutton fat, and goose hearts.

North Israel Hametz Restaurants

  • BP Bistro is an American diner-style food, with something for all the family with branches in Mifratz Haifa and Horev Center.
  • Forest, Moshav Me’ona – Mediterranean meat bistro in the Upper Galilee.
  • Mendis (Mehadrin) is a meat restaurant in Zfat which also sells ready-prepared food.
  • Nagisa is a sushi and Asian restaurant chain with a branch in Afula.
  • Roots is a meat restaurant by Chef Uri Arnold, in the Old City of Akko. The menu focuses on the Levantine kitchen, full review here.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant with branches in Afula, Neve Sha’anan Haifa, Mercaz Carmel, Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Haim, Karmiel, Nahariya, and Tiryat HaCarmel.
  • Samurayo is a sushi and Asian meat restaurant in Afula, with Thai soups and noodles.
  • Seudah Be Gan Eden is an Italian dairy vegetarian restaurant in an old stone building in Zfat.

South Israel Hametz Restaurants

  • BBB in Kiryat Gat is the only kosher branch in the BBB burger chain.
  • Jem’s Beer Factory is a meat pub food chain with a branch in Beer Sheva.
  • Levona Grill, Ashkelon – steak restaurant with a variety of skewers,  steaks and grilled fish.
  • Lola (Mehadrin) is an Italian dairy restaurant on the beach promenade in Ashdod.
  • Maili’s Cake is a dairy restaurant in the Ashkelon Marina.
  • Pina Bayam is a dairy restaurant serving pizza, homemade pasta, and fish restaurant on the promenade underneath the Dan Hotel Eilat.
  • Ruben is a burger and smoked meat restaurant with branches in Ashdod, & Beer Sheva.

As always, if you would like to share your experience at any of these restaurants, or discover any new or different information, please share in a comment below, or post a review on Restaurant Club Israel.

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Wishing everyone חג פסח כשר ושמח.

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  1. I passed by Jachnun Bar at Mahane Yehuda market the day before going back home (by airplane). I wanted to try out their food but my stomach was already full.

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