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Special Event: Debbest Israel & Pitmaster Jerusalem English Dinner

Pitmaster Jerusalem First Dinner in English

For the first time, Pitmaster Jerusalem will offer its unique smoked meat experience in English, on Sunday 29th October at 8 pm in Cinema City.

For those who are not familiar with Pitmaster, the evening features a banquet-style smoked meat dinner and show, including 7 types of meat dishes and side dishes, prepared and carved in front of the diners, with an explanation of each dish, in English,  by the pitmaster.  What is a pitmaster? A Pitmaster is an expert in preparing food using a smokehouse, grill, or anything that involves live fire.  The meal also includes dessert, tea, coffee, unlimited beer, red wine, and soda water. There is a wide selection of bottles of alcohol and cocktails for an extra charge. They do not sell soft drinks in the restaurant, so you can bring your own and there is no opening charge for this. The menu changes daily and the food is under the supervision of Badatz Rav Machpud. All seating is at a shared knight’s table, but the food is served separately to each group of diners.

The Pitmaster Jerusalem English Dinner is NIS 270 per person (not including service), and the meal lasts approximately two and a half hours.

To attend this exclusive Pitmaster Jerusalem English Dinner, please call the number below to make a reservation and for any other questions. Free parking in Cinema City (tickets are validated).

Pitmaster Jerusalem (Badatz Rav Machpud), 10 Sderot Yitshak Rabin, +972 73 277 7777.

Pitmaster first opened in Petach Tikva in 2019, followed by a second branch in Hotzot Alonim Mall in the Jezreel Valley in 2022,  and the Jerusalem branch opened at the end of July 2023.

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