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Feeding Israeli Soldiers – Operation Swords of Iron

Various Initiatives in Israel to Help Feed Israeli Soldiers

Israel is at war and sitting at home watching gruesome videos is not doing anyone any good. Most of us feel helpless, and powerless, and want to do whatever we can to help and support our brave soldiers.  One way to help is to feed Israeli soldiers.

Restaurants nationwide have started cooking meals for the soldiers and sending them to the front lines to give them some emotional and nutritional support. Here are a few heartwarming stories and some ways to support these initiatives.

Campaigns to Feed Israeli Soldiers

Update 4 Nove – please note that some of these projects are no longer happening as soldiers have moved from their bases to Gaza and restaurants have started to reopen to return to some sort of routine.

  • Attilio Cooking School in Or Yehuda, together with the Israeli Association for Culinary Culture is preparing meals for soldiers, bereaved, and displaced families. Donations via PayBox for raw ingredients and packaging.
  • Citrus & Salt cooking school in Tel Aviv is preparing warm meals for soldiers and displaced families.  They are raising money to support this initiative via PayPal.
  • Gourmandises by Yoel catering company are sending food to Israeli soldiers. People can donate towards raw ingredients via Bit to 058 400 8720.
  • HealthEat prepares healthy meals for soldiers which are designed for them to carry in their backpacks for 3 days. It costs NIS 75 to donate a meal.
  • Ofaimme Farm &  Cafes is preparing hot meals and snacks for Israeli soldiers—donations via PayBox.
  • Pitmaster is preparing beef jerky for soldiers, which is a perfect protein snack that lasts for weeks unrefrigerated – donations via PayBox.
  • Prohibition Pickle has an option on their website to order a Shabbat meal for a reserve soldier’s family. There is also a way to donate a meal which is tax-deductible in Canada, Israel, the UK & the US.
  • Racheli Ver-Nir is making pastries for soldiers and survivors and is raising money for the raw ingredients. Donations via Bit to 050 865 7911.
  • Red Heifer Steakhouse is coordinating with Chayal El Chayal to send meals to soldiers which are being paid for by customers outside of Israel via this form.

Sending Food to Soldiers

The following restaurants have been sending meals for soldiers  – we should support businesses that support our soldiers:

  • Black Iron made a BBQ for 300 soldiers on their base.

  • BP Bistro in Netanya and Haifa
  • Bresaola on Derech Bet Lechem in Jerusalem
  • Cafe Cafe in various branches
  • Casa Lavi in Jerusalem
  • Derech HaGefen group, which includes Mashav Food Trucks
  • Domino Pizza in Tel Aviv
  • Eazy Cafe in the Old North area of Tel Aviv has reopened and is encouraging customers to donate meals to send to soldiers.
  • Eyal Shani prepares food from his kosher restaurants Malka and Dvora in Tel Aviv. He also hosted families from the South in Dvora.

  • Fika Swedish bakery in Tel Aviv raised money from supporters in Sweden to send food to soldiers.
  • Fiori in the First Station in Jerusalem

Fiori Restaruant - First Station Jerusalem - Food for Soliders

Sybaris Coffee - Donating Food for Soliders

Becoming Kosher for the Soldiers

  • Teams from Kashrut Tzohar koshered the kitchens of non-kosher restaurants so that they could prepare food for the army (which only serves kosher food).
  • Chef Asaf Dok, the owner of Haachim restaurant received a Rabbanut kashrut license and appealed to his suppliers to donate food so that his team could prepare food for soldiers. A friend of mine in the army received dinner from Haachim and he said it was delicious and felt great to receive a treat during this difficult time.
  • a – By Yuval Ben Neriah & Taizu restaurants by Chef Yuval Ben Naria received Tzohar kashrut licenses to prepare kosher food for IDF soldiers.

Free Food to Soldiers in Restaurants

  • Cafe Kalo in Jerusalem offers free food and drink to soldiers.
  • Coffee Garden in Kfar Yona offers free food and drink to any security personnel.
  • Falafel Haviv near Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem offers free food to all security and emergency services personnel.
  • Golden Burger in Jerusalem offers free food to security forces who come to the restaurant.
  • La Piedra in Jerusalem offers free food to security forces and Hatzalah workers.
  • Muffin Boutique gives free meals to soldiers in their store in Jerusalem.
  • Roladin branches around Israel are offering free coffee to any soldier in uniform.
  • Tzidkiyahu Deli branches around Israel will give a free meal to any soldier or policeman in uniform.
  • Uri Buri has set up a food truck in Akko to serve soldiers and emergency services in the area with snacks, ice cream, and coffee.
  • Vanilla Bean Boutique Cafe in Rehavia in Jerusalem.

Hosting Evacuees

For information about ways to support Israel during this difficult time, please read this post.

Support for Israel – Operation Swords of Iron

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